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Crack open the soap cornucopia!

It’s that time of year again, gentle readers, when we all take stock of the things in life that don’t suck. But the real world is full of some depressingly horrible stuff right now, so let’s count our fictional blessings. 326 more words

General Hospital

Climb him like a tree, Rosie.

Good news! Everything about Michael Corinthos’ story continues to be unexpectedly awesome and I’m so happy about it.

(Did you know Chad Duell could do an adorable drunk? 505 more words

General Hospital

Hates so good.

After Michael laid such a righteous smack down on his mother last week, I was pretty sure his confrontation with Sonny would not disappoint. Like, 95% sure. 927 more words

General Hospital

It's happening! It's all finally happening!

You know, usually when Michael starts making his self-righteous murder face, my hand starts itching to slap him. It’s kind of Pavlovian? Self-righteous Michael is just usually one of the least-flattering flavors of Michael. 416 more words

Things That Didn't Suck