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What do Charles Dickens, Michael Faraday and James Braidwood have in common?

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The letter is a teaser of the History of fire sciences and technology project that I am currently putting together.   57 more words

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Faraday, Edison and Tesla| Makers of the modern world

Tribute to the pioneers of the modern world.

Countries tend to put important people on their banknotes and the UK celebrating Michael Faraday is justified – as the father of electro-magnetism, inventor to the dynamo and electric motor. 293 more words



         The traditional positivistic picture of science is one that is derived from a traditional positivistic epistemology. The epistemology says that we have sense impressions, these sense impressions are momentary consciousness events that are always passive and are in a modality. 917 more words

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Michael Faraday

When Gladstone met Michael Faraday, he asked him whether his work on electricity (Electromagnetic Induction) would be of any use. 

“Yes, sir” remarked Faraday, “One day you will tax it.”


Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday, around 1855.

A giant of science, particularly in the the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry, he had a very basic education, attending a day school where he learned to read, write and count, but he was able to read a lot of books that would not normally be available to him while he was an apprentice bookbinder. 57 more words