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450 anni di Shakespeare!

Il blog festeggia il 450esimo anniversario della nascita del Bardo con una selezione di immagini dai film più noti.

William Shakespeare, nato a Stratford Upon Avon il 23 aprile 1564. 113 more words

13. Shame (2011)

Director: Steve McQueen
Writers: Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge

Shame is a stark look at sex addiction through the life of a seemingly simple man named Brandon (Michael Fassbender). 388 more words

12 anos de Escravidão

O filme 12 anos de Escravidão é o favorito do Oscar 2014. A probabilidade do filme ganhar essa estatueta dourada tão cobiçada e tão almejada é muito grande, devido a vários fatores, entre eles à obra cinematográfica em si, à atuação I-N-C-R-Í-V-E-L dos atores, à equipe em geral e ao roteiro. 263 more words


Near Psychedelic Coronation


Oh yes! Slow climactic surge increasing, brightness feelings, sounds enfolding, bursting glory gifting greatness to ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL MACBETH! 368 more words

The Counselor

A largely forgettable film except for Cameron Diaz making love to a car and it being described in graphic detail by Javier Bardem. Yes, you read that correctly and whilst you try to imagine this, let me assure you that it’s far less tasteful than most could imagine and memorable for all the wrong reasons. 215 more words


The Counselor

You can sell diamonds on Mars

The Counselor, I guess, revolves around a legal counselor, Michael Fassbender, who gets involved in drug smuggling? Because he’s strapped for cash after he buys his fiancé, Penelope Cruz an expensive ring. 249 more words

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The Counselor

One might think that a movie with Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, and Carmen Diaz would be fairly good.  If you did, this film proves you wrong. 75 more words