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I <3 Cluny Court & Michael Fassbender

After hot yoga this morning, I was so incredibly hot that I had to go to a movie to cool down. I went to one of those fabulous movie theatres, the suites, with the big reclining chairs. 404 more words



Bizarra comedia con tintes dramáticos, arranca con una pura vibra absurda, un frustrado músico tiene la increíble oportunidad de tocar con una banda 100% experimental, liderada por Frank, un tipo que usa una gigantesca mascara todo el tiempo, es interesante como esta banda cree en si misma y la pasión que le ponen a esa extraña música que hacen. 74 more words


Review: 'Frank' (2014); Magneto gets weird!

Lenny Abrahamson’s latest film invites you into the weird and surreal world of Frank. Frank lives his life wearing a paper-maché head. He never takes it off. 1,329 more words


Review - Frank

Anyone who begrudgingly comes to accept their true talent lies not in what they’d hoped will find a connection to this unique and idiosyncratic story about those blessed with artistic creativity and those who hitch along for the ride. 866 more words


Frank (2014)

Frank, ditulis oleh Jon Ronson dengan dasar ide dari pengalamannya menjadi keyboardist untuk Frank Sidebottom tapi di film ini dibuat lebih modern, So basically its not really a true story, more like a true person??? 95 more words



The Movie Snob goes alt-rock.

Frank  (B-).  A work colleague saw this movie, hated it, and basically dared me to see it.  Truly, I didn’t think it was half-bad.  170 more words

Written By: The Movie Snob

Frank, Lenny Abrahamson (2014)

Frank is an incredibly interesting, unique, and quirky little film, but also one with schizophrenic ambitions that never really works as a whole, yet has occasional moments of pure brilliance.   3,005 more words

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