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Social Neuroscience

One of the criticisms of a cognitive approach to language is that it is asocial; that is, it does not take into account social elements of language. 183 more words

The Split Brain and Language

As so often is the case in neuroscience, advances are made by studying the effects of damage to the brain. For example, I read a study once of a woman who had a stroke which damaged a particular area of her occipital lobe. 536 more words

Do you believe in consciousness?

Consciousness: the interpreter, the lexicographer, the reporter

I recently read Michael Gazzaniga’s book, ‘Who’s in Charge: Free Will and the Science of the Brain‘. Gazzaniga, working with Roger Sperry, performed some of the famous split-brain patient experiments. 82 more words

Behavioral Economics

The State of a Mind

State of mind—the state of our cognitive processes—is a kind of framework within which we operate any time we’re awake. Some basic states of mind are: 436 more words