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It's an orange aardvark! by Michael Hall (2014)

Where do I start with this magnificently crazy book? Let’s try a simple list. In this book you will see:

Picture Book

"Cold in July": If I were a Carpenter

If you want to recreate the experience of watching a movie on HBO at 12:50 a.m. in 1991, Jim Mickle’s “Cold in July” is your movie. 514 more words

C++ Cin not executing properly

I am having problems getting “cin >> calories” to execute properly. The code automatically sets calories = to -279846518796 and sometimes other numbers ( usually a big negative number like before). 423 more words


Alternative Viewpoints

You Are (Not) Small
Anna Kang and Chris Weyant
Hodder Children’s Books
Size is relative, something that is explored in a very amusing manner courtesy of some fuzzy, ursine-looking creatures herein. 411 more words

Picture Books

How to get a blank line after cin

I need a line to separate the users inputs from the results. This is for a basic computer science course.

cout << "Please enter (variable): ";
cin >> (variable);
cout << "\n\n:";
cout << "(results)" << endl;
… 30 more words