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The 50 Most Horrific Family Relationships in Film

Celine Dion once famously said, “I’d like to dedicate this next song to all of the parents and all the children of the world” — to which a not-quite-as-famous YouTuber famously responded, “All the parents + all of the children of the world = fucking everybody.” Yes, one of the most fundamental facts of life — or at least life pre-singularity or pre- 3,924 more words


Funny Games (2007)

Haneke’s original Funny Games is one of my favourite movies of all time so it’s pretty crazy to think it’s taken me this long to see his remake. 523 more words

Media Diet

Moving pictures, #9

Yet more moving pictures watched by Yours Truly. The plan to watch those 1001 films before I die continues apace, although perhaps if the title of the list is to be believed I should slow down a bit… Nah. 1,244 more words


Top 5 Films that Broke the Fourth Wall

Definition of FOURTH WALL
:  an imaginary wall (as at the opening of a modern stage proscenium) that keeps performers from recognizing or directly addressing their audience… 413 more words

Amour: To Love, To Fear, To Die

Sooner or later, our bodies betray us.  Amour is a film about such a betrayal,  a dignified film about the undignified cruelty of long illness and death. 554 more words


Review: 'Borgman' 9.12.14

Alex Van Warmerdam’s “Borgman” is an unbelievably unique and undeniable singular vision. One that follows on the heals of films by celebrated international directors like Pascual Laugier’s 2008’s “Martyrs”, Yorgos Lanthimos’ 2009’s exceptional “Dogtooth”, Michael Haneke’s 2009’s “The White Ribbon”, Ben Wheatley’s 2011’s “Kill List”, and Claire Denis’ 2013’s “Bastards”. 937 more words

21 things about Michael Haneke's The Seventh Continent

Even though I don’t think it’s possible to “spoil” this film, I should mention that this post has spoilers.

  1. The Seventh Continent is a movie about a mother, a father, and a daughter – a bourgeois family – who commit suicide.
  2. 663 more words
21 Things