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How the Grits are crashing their own party

In politics, like comedy, timing is everything. In timing, like comedy, politics is everything. That said, welcome to the strange, recent displays of young Justin Trudeau, Leader of the federal Liberal Party, aspiring Prime Minister of Canada. 640 more words


Robert Fulford: Why we vote for dynasties

Claude Ryan, a major figure in Quebec politics for decades, was among the first commentators to connect the word “dynasty” with Justin Trudeau. In 2000, when the 28-year-old Justin delivered a powerful eulogy at his father’s state funeral, Ryan called that speech “the first manifestation of a dynasty.” 754 more words

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God Save the Queen

So, Scotland has gone to the polls, and it has decided to remain part of Great Britain. I had worried that nationalist sentiments and the perception of momentum behind Scottish independence might cause the people of Scotland to make a terrible decision; I am relieved to see that my fears were unfounded. 688 more words

Letter: Justin Trudeau will develop a platform on his own timetable

Re: “Trudeau’s lack of platform is ever more glaring”(Michael Den Tandt, Sept. 15)

I can’t believe that Justin Trudeau will not develop a strong Liberal platform on his timetable — not on Michael Den Tandt’s. 49 more words


Michael Ignatieff: Fire and Ashes

Don’t be naive about politics, Michael Ignatieff writes, but don’t be cynical either.

Thus the Canadian academic-turned-politician-turned academic closes Fire and Ashesa riveting account of the six years Ignatieff spent in the bull pit of Canada’s ruthless democracy. 795 more words


Michael Ignatieff: Assad as Partner of the West - the "alternative is more years of civil war, death and destruction."

Ignatieff: Assad as Lesser Evil.

Michael Ignatieff is known as a “humanitarian interventionist”.

On the Iraq War and the US-led invasion in 2003 he said this ( 816 more words