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Robert Fulford: Why we vote for dynasties

Claude Ryan, a major figure in Quebec politics for decades, was among the first commentators to connect the word “dynasty” with Justin Trudeau. In 2000, when the 28-year-old Justin delivered a powerful eulogy at his father’s state funeral, Ryan called that speech “the first manifestation of a dynasty.” 754 more words

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God Save the Queen

So, Scotland has gone to the polls, and it has decided to remain part of Great Britain. I had worried that nationalist sentiments and the perception of momentum behind Scottish independence might cause the people of Scotland to make a terrible decision; I am relieved to see that my fears were unfounded. 688 more words

Michael Ignatieff: Fire and Ashes

Don’t be naive about politics, Michael Ignatieff writes, but don’t be cynical either.

Thus the Canadian academic-turned-politician-turned academic closes Fire and Ashesa riveting account of the six years Ignatieff spent in the bull pit of Canada’s ruthless democracy. 795 more words


Michael Ignatieff: Assad as Partner of the West - the "alternative is more years of civil war, death and destruction."

Ignatieff: Assad as Lesser Evil.

Michael Ignatieff is known as a “humanitarian interventionist”.

On the Iraq War and the US-led invasion in 2003 he said this ( 816 more words