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Coyne: A clear winner in federal byelections was the Party of Indifference

Much has been made of the Liberal success in the recent byelections, and not entirely without cause: As on previous such occasions, the party has greatly increased its share of the vote over what it won in the 2011 election, and while that’s not setting the bar very high — or at all — the trend is clear. 1,032 more words


An end to Ignatieff's Canadian adventure

The day after Michael Ignatieff lost his seat in the federal election in 2011, two friends made a bet. One said that Ignatieff would return to Harvard within six months; the other said he would wait three or four years. 625 more words


Michael Ignatieff returns to Harvard full-time

Former federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is returning to Harvard University full-time, leaving Canada three years after his failed bid to become prime minister.

Ignatieff has been named the Edward R. 376 more words