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We are in sunny funny Las Vegas Nevada folks. The summer has thermometers nearly bursting at the seams as Las Vegas summers repeatedly get warmer with every year.

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Dave Gilmour Tone: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Released in March of 1973 and currently taking second place in the list of the most sold albums of all time – just behind Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – with around 45 million sales, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ is Pink Floyd’s most popular album by far. 194 more words

Pink Floyd

La Burqueña in Brazil: Santa Marta

Kai and Paula and I went to see Santa Marta, a favela, on Thursday. At first, the idea of touring a favela seemed immensely tacky to me, and to be honest it still feels a little tacky, but that being said, I’m glad I did it. 439 more words


Ten Awful Music Videos (So Badd That They Are Good)

Remember, Gen Xers, when your dad tried to rip off the cable companies, attempting to upgrade your TV channel selections by hanging an extra modified coat hanger near the old boob tube antennae? 1,720 more words

V's Most Played: Pharrell Is "Happy" To Be Back!

It’s time for the latest updates in  “Grown Folks” music. It’s time for V’s Most Played!

In just a week it is amazing to see who has made their way up the countdown and who’s been pushed completely out of our most wanted list. 203 more words


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Welcomes Beyoncé Fashion Exhibit

Attention Bey fans! It was announced this week that Beyonce’s legendary fashion pieces will debut in an exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. 113 more words