Syl Mortilla - For Nearly Thirty Years: An Article On Michael Jackson’s Closest Confidante (And Why Her Opinion Matters)

He knew her intimately for nearly thirty years. During this time, she was his confidante, his protector, and his advisor. She rubbed cream into the piebald patchwork that was his back and shoulders: a torso that no-one else got to view, unless she had applied concealing make-up beforehand. 69 more words

Michael Jackson

Motown the Musical Headed to Playhouse Square....

Tickets will go on sale for Motown the Musical Friday, August 1 at http://www.playhousesquare.org. The legendary musical will be hitting the Cleveland theatre district beginning October 3, and will run through October 19. 293 more words


6-Year-Old Dances Like Michael Jackson [Video]

Willie O., a 6-year-old dancer, puts his best foot forward in a Michael Jackson dance routine.

The first time he was seen doing his “Smooth Criminal” routine was in a school talent show. 41 more words


The Most Sold RnB and HipHop Albums

This summer hasn’t caught much sales in HipHop as it has done in RnB. However, this week we see the master of all parodies with Trey Songz kicking up the sales chart. 254 more words

Citazione della settimana n. 15

Neglection can kill
Like a knife in your soul,
Oh it will
Little Susie fought so hard to live…
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly… 13 more words

Michael Jackson

One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind

Last night as I sat watching a documentary about Neil Armstrong, I couldn’t help but think of all the unforgettable events that occurred in the 20th century. 71 more words


This One Time at Band Camp

One time at band camp, fun things happened. 

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