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If you’re serious about dance music, then you’re serious about Kompakt. The seminal German label has carved a comfortable niche as one of the world’s most reputable imprints, taking risks, redefining genres and bolstering the world’s most seminal dance artists – including owners Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape  – in it’s wake. 164 more words


Duncan Robinson Announces Transfer to Michigan

The announcement was made official on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Duncan Robinson is leaving Williams to take a scholarship at Michigan. NESCAC fans everywhere, except for a certain corner of Massachusetts, had a little more pep in their step knowing their teams wouldn’t fall victim to Robinson’s devastating shooting over the next three years. 1,135 more words


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The Michael Mayer for Fabric mix is so sublime, when I’m alone at home and JB has packed his records away for the day I listen to it and dance through my days activities using the pictures we have hung on the wall as dance studio mirrors, Kompakt has my heart like root beer, Dr.Pepper, grape soda, Gloria with her rhythm coming to get you, living with no television is so fresh, watching only the programmes I care deeply for, no distractions with shows you’re indifferent to, just listening to music lamenting girls boys television lovers, looking through lots and lots of  books, referencing and there are some hot girls on Lewisham Way wearing cropped tops and high waisted jeans with lean waists and ironed weaves and they smile so Colgate breezy, so swish, Kelis when I wake, Genet when I sleep and in between summer sun with a little melody… 278 more words