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Michael Myers dancing? Dr. Loomis, save us...

As quasi-amusing as this is, when the villain of your horror franchise is dancing to Eminem and Rhianna, you’ve done something wrong. Worse than Rob Zombie’s “contributions…” 18 more words


My best work on DVD!


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Funko Michael Myers Figures



Oddly enough, Entertainment Earth doesn’t have a whole lot of information on this figure, but we pretty well know the gist when it comes to Funko figures at this point. 18 more words

Challenge #3 Q5: What is your favourite horror remake?

It’s funny that I was talking about Rob Zombie’s movies improving after House of 1000 Corpses…looks like one of his later movies have come up for this one. 466 more words

Horror Films



I’m a big fan of the Halloween movies, at least the ones featuring Michael Myers. The best ones are the original film, then… 1,264 more words

Michael Myers

EXCLUSIVE! Jason Edmiston Shares Some Of His Upcoming SDCC Stuff! (Get Your PB NOW!)

Jason Edmiston has been creating commercial art since 1996 and fans can’t get enough of his brand of awesome.  One of my all-time favorite prints, … 241 more words


Review: Halloween (2007)

Dir. Rob Zombie. 2007.


My first thought while watching this film, was that Rob Zombie is making another redneck family centred, trash horror. 456 more words

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