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Rob Zombie's Michael Myers probably had an IQ around 80

I previously blogged about how Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers was largely inspired by Henry Lee Lucas and to a lesser extent Otis Toole.  It’s interesting to note that Lucas had an… 296 more words

What If the 80's "Bad Guys" Were Alive Today

“HORROR VACUI” project by Federico Chiesa, Italian photographer and Carolina Trotta, makeup artist.



Was Rob Zombie's Michael Myers based on Henry Lee Lucas?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rob Zombie was asked who his favorite non-fictional serial killer was.  He replied:

I love ‘em all. Not, you know, as people or anything, but they all make for great stories.

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Halloween (2007; d. Rob Zombie)

Rob Zombie divides his version of Halloween neatly into two halves. First, he conjures up an origin story for Michael Myers, elaborating on the prologue to John Carpenter’s 1978 film, and placing the young psycho killer into a brutal, depraved, and sadistic world. 346 more words


Pondering: Halloween and Halloween? III

Before even viewing John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) I knew or at least had heard the name Michael Myers. A strange thing to call something that is hardly a man–such a human name. 238 more words

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Movies We Still Care About - 1978

(For an explanation of this, read the Introduction.  Other posts in this series can be found here.)

Movies We Still Care About