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Undiplomatic talk

Following on from Caroline Glick’s blistering response to the Danish Ambassador’s wish to hold Israel to a singular standard, which I posted yesterday, here are two further recent examples of “undiplomatic talk” which should have been said and broadcast ages ago, and must be shared and broadcast as widely as possible in order to make the world understand what our reality is, and not what they would like it to be. 1,359 more words

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Undiplomatic Talk From Michael Oren

by Gary Rosenblatt
December 10, 2014

…..Then, his voice rising, he said that if you believe that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is indeed the moderate he claims to be, if you believe that Iran has reversed its policy of being the world’s leading exporter of terror, if you believe that its leaders have changed their long pattern of lying about the nuclear program, and if you believe the West is capable of and willing to respond militarily to prevent the production of a nuclear bomb, … 17 more words

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Why are you sharing the ISIS/Israeli flag video from Berkeley?

You probably saw the video circulated heavily in recent days that purported to depict strikingly different reactions to one man waving two flags on Berkeley’s campus. 225 more words


Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Affirms That USS Liberty Was ‘Tragic Friendly Fire Incident’

by Ben Cohen
October 31, 2014

Al Jazeera America Prepares to Air ‘Shocking Report’ by Conspiracy Theorist

With U.S.-Israeli bilateral relations hitting a new low this week, the Qatari-financed news broadcaster Al Jazeera America is tonight broadcasting a special report on the USS Liberty, the American naval vessel that came under deadly fire from Israeli forces on June 8, 1967 – the fourth day of the Six Day War which pitted the Jewish state against a coalition of Arab armies. 175 more words

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