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Director Kevin Smith is taking the art of podcasting to a whole new level with Tusk — a cinema adaption that was born from the microphone, and is scaring audiences out of their minds. 270 more words


Tusk (2014)

Directed By – Kevin Smith

Screenplay By – Kevin Smith

Cinematography By – James Laxton

Starring Justin Long & Michael Parks

102 min.

Fucking hell man! 208 more words

Review: Kevin Smith's "Tusk"

Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Smith’s latest feature, Tusk. It harkened back to every bat-shit-crazy horror film of the 80s that I grew up with and loved. 379 more words

Tusk Review

While I have never been a massive fan of Kevin Smith’s films, I have immense respect for him as a person. His candor and insight into his creative process is absolutely beyond reproach, and I genuinely believe that he is completely invested into every film he makes (besides Cop Out of course, but that lead to some great stories.) In fact, it was especially fascinating that this film was born out of one of Smith’s podcasts. 828 more words

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Tusk (2014) Movie Review

Kevin Smith has a very interesting career. He started with his black & white comedy classic, Clerks (also one of my favorite movies of all time), and then moved his way into the studio system with… 1,028 more words

Tusk- C+

Like one of Kevin Smith’s informational rants, “Tusk” is a mixed bag.

The film was inspired by one of Mr. Smith’s podcast episodes, “The Walrus and The Carpenter”, where in he and his guest came up with an idea for a film. 558 more words

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SciFridays: "Tusk" (2014)

Baddie – Madness, slow-brewed over time.

Lesson – Maybe, maybe a walrus is superior.

I’m taking a quick break from Shame September because Tusk came out, and I needed to go and see it. 770 more words

Movie Review