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how do you know who knows?

As with so many men…

I’d rather not ask for directions. I’d rather find things on my own.

A recent dream tells of this tendency… 313 more words


forward back

Am I just spinning my wheels?

Consider this recent dream…

I’m standing in a driveway when I begin to spin. I look down at my feet as I go round and round—they’re just off the pavement. 153 more words


a tale of two temples

I say there’s no such thing as a simple dream…

Consider this dream:

I’m watching a scene from ancient Mesopotamia.

The screen is filled with a golden temple. 202 more words


an open or shut case

A recent “car dream” presents me with a choice…

In the dream…

It’s late at night. I’m parked in my driveway.

I try to lock the car by flipping the switch on the inside of the door on the driver’s side… 192 more words


dream mirror, film mirror

Perhaps the opening scene of Apocalypse Now would not have been so gut-wrenching…

…if the director, Francis Ford Coppola, hadn’t listened to his dream.

In the scene, a Special Operations officer, played by Martin Sheen, goes through an alcohol-fueled tailspin in a Saigon hotel room. 314 more words


two-sided diver

A recent dream shows me acting like a fraidy cat…

…while also being an active explorer.

In the dream…

I’m watching an undersea documentary.

Two scuba divers are warned about the possible presence of sharks. 283 more words