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Movie Review: Hell hath no "Fury"

Although many viewers had compared this movie to “Inglourious Basterds”, mainly because of its star Brad Pitt who was an Army man leading his men in a quest to kill as many Nazis as possible. 273 more words


Movie Review: Fury.

One of the more anticipated movies of the year, during a somewhat sluggish movie season was Fury. It was advertised as a war “epic” but not one that entirely focused on the brutality of war. 454 more words


Theirs is the Fury

Everyone is talking about David Ayers’ new project Suicide Squad spreading rumors and guessing at casting. But let’s take a minute to look at Fury, Ayer’s World War II tank crew ode. 467 more words

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Mr. Pitt's War Film

Fury (2014).

D/W: David Ayer. DP: Roman Vasyanov. Starring: Brad Pitt/Shia LaBeouf/Logan Lerman/Michael Peña/Jon Bernthal/Jason Issacs/Jim Parrack/ Brad William Henke/Xavier Samuel.

The token war film of this award season is of course David Ayer’s… 372 more words

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FURY (2014)

During World War II, a tank crew engages in daily battles, with surprises at every turn. Fighting for the world and peace, the commander and team are joined by a new, freshman cadet; who has to quickly prepare for war and life in Nazis Germany. 80 more words


Movie Review: Fury.

I am a huge WWII buff and anything else relating to this era. Especially the men. I feel like I look at vintage photos and I can never find one unattractive man! 260 more words


Hell Hath No "FURY"

“War never ends quietly” is the tagline of this film. Which seems very appropriate because the chosen vehicle for the loud noise of this film is a tank. 1,523 more words

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