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Business Guru #7 Michael Porter, Harvard

5+ Minute ECONOMICS Master Class

The capitalist system is under siege. In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. 164 more words


A century in measuring social progress

Gross domestic product (GDP) has dominated as a measure of national performance over the large part of past 100 years. But an intellectual debate has also raged over finding a better and more representative measure of assessing progress. 127 more words

Experts Against GDP

The Essence of Strategy

This quote from Michael Porter really sums up the need to have a strategy. Not all opportunities are created equal. Remember it all goes back to your strengths and weaknesses. 133 more words

Why businesses can be good at solving social problems

Once I watched Michael Porter’s Tedx talk about the topic “Why businesses can be good at solving social problems” I wanted to share the video with you. 355 more words


We’re Not No. 1! We’re Not No. 1! - Porter's Social Competitiveness Report

Interesting, and a reminder that GDP, while important, is one indicator among many. I remember Porter’s earlier work which was very influential in the 80s and 90s. 137 more words


The End of Competitive Advantage

Digitization has destroyed the concept of sustainable competitive advantage

            Rither Gunther Mcgrath

Strategy has always focused on companies attaining sustainable competitive advantage-which is the unique position a company attains by configuring its operational activities in a manner that competitors cannot duplicate.

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Creativity breaks loose from constraints with additive manufacturing

New additive manufacturing technologies – let’s take 3D printing as symbol for them – are freeing designers from constraints that came with traditional manufacturing and the assembly methods. 375 more words

Industry 4.0 And Factory Of The Future