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We seem to be in a golden age of drama, whether cable or streamed. There may be more water cooler shows than water coolers these days, as “Breaking Bad,” “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards” and a number of others can easily attest. 985 more words


HBO Passed & Everyone Mistook it For Kinsey: How Masters of Sex Became the New Mad Men

Nice try Playboy Club and Pan Am, but Showtime’s Masters of Sex (about sex research pioneers Dr. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson) has pulled off what you couldn’t: become a hit TV show while mostly just ripping off  1,331 more words

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‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: "Mirror, Mirror"

At what point do we call Masters of Sex a runaway train? With only four episodes left in season two, the Showtime drama just keeps introducing new subplots and characters, making me seriously wonder: how can this wrap up into something cohesive? 785 more words


Masters of Sex: "Blackbird" & "Asterion"

Masters of Sex course-corrects itself midseason in beautiful ways. 680 more words

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"I don't believe in shadows. I believe in the light of scientific inquiry."

Trust me when I say this: your next tv show binge should be Masters of Sex. Last night I finished season 1 and was straight onto 4od for season 2 (More4 are currently making its way through the series on UK TV). 422 more words

Get Into Bed with Masters of Sex

The clinical, cloistered environs of a teaching hospital in St. Louis in the 1950’s seem an unlikely place for the beginnings of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. 1,014 more words