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Smerconish: A Look Back

As you by now know (though if you didn’t, it wasn’t your fault necessarily – CNN didn’t make any official press announcements detailing the temporary movement of Smerconish to 9pm primetime in the spot vacated by Piers Morgan.  374 more words


4/2/14 Anchor Fill-ins

As of 8:12 ET…

Deb Feyerick is in for John Berman on Early Start.

Deb Feyerick is in for Brooke Baldwin on Newsroom during the 2-3pm block. 47 more words

CNN Anchor Rotations

The Lead Next Week... Not the Lead?

It is more or less confirmed now that Jake Tapper will be hosting at 9pm next week, since the departure of Piers Morgan.  (Reminder: This week will be hosted by Michael Smerconish).  204 more words


Smerconish: Saturday, M-F; The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

Smerconish,which has been airing on Saturdays at 9am, hosted by Michael Smerconish, will also be airing a new edition all of next week, too – at 9… 300 more words


Who Anchors What? - Saturday & Sunday

The presenters of CNN Newsroom Weekend are:

  • Fredrick Whitfield – CNN Newsroom late morning/early afternoon anchor
  • Don Lemon – CNN Newsroom evening anchor

The presenter of Smerconish is: 75 more words


Your Money Displaced

As was long expected, CNN’s Your Money with Christine Romans lost its 9:30 am EST timeslot in favor of the new show, Smerconish (hosted by Michael Smerconish), and now will only be at 2pm EST.  356 more words