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A Short Explanation of UBUNTU & Contributionism by Michael Tellinger


A short and focused definition of UBUNTU and Contributionism by Michael Tellinger.

If you want to become a volunteer at the UBUNTU village and spend 1-2 months in helping us to lay the foundations for this great new global experiment, please read the information on the UBUNTU website here: … 208 more words

UBUNTU Movement Michael Tellinger Hits Back Against Criticism By the Scumbaggery of the back-stabbing Alternative Media Crowd


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NOTE: by AnGeleve: I need to add a few thoughts here. I personally like Michael and wish him well. Both sides of the story need to be presented in order for one to make their own conclusion. I will present here the interview where Michael is mentioned by Alfred L. Webre and it was not a pouncing assault on his character. Alfred L. Webre is merely stating the truth that he as a reporter has discovered which was revealed during an interview where he was questioned about the subject. It was not brought up by Alfred L. Webre to just to slam anyone. Alfred L. Webre who has an impeccable character. He does not go out to exploit issues or people. He stills tries to find good in those who seem to have sided on the 3D side. I think it is important to share both sides of the story so that you can decide for yourself. BTW: I am no longer a fan of Vinny Eastwood after what they (him and Susan Possel) did to Pete Santilli. That was a big mess and I deleted myself as a subscriber from Vinny's Channel at that point. Too much evil poured out of Vinny's mouth trying to crush Pete and all his efforts to bring truth to the airwaves of America. No-one has exclusives on journalism on Earth. I am posting the interview where Michael is mentioned so that you can hear both sides of the story. Every coin has two side. Right? Here is the link to the Interview: Highway Diary: Alfred Lambremont Webre on Annett, Basiago, SevenGate, and a Positive Future http://youtu.be/6Fplx8NvN_U  

Michael Tellinger Hits Out Against Attacks By Alternative Media

Nice response Michael, thumbs up! KS

Published on Jan 17, 2015

The Ubuntu Movement Is Working! Michael Tellinger Hits Back Against Criticism By Alternative Media


Ubuntu Movement Making Incredible Progress, Michael Tellinger

Published on Jan 17, 2015

The Ubuntu Movement Is Working! Michael Tellinger Hits Back Against Criticism By Alternative Media


New Website For UBUNTU & Calling for UBUNTU Party UK Candidates

Ed. Note: I fully support the work of Michael Tellinger and the UBUNTU Party, and encourage all who resonate with the movement to take action and get involved. 1,105 more words

Truth Movement

Johan Engelbrecht EXPOSES Michael Tellinger live on CCN

CCN says: In the first few seconds there is no volume, please be patient, it kicks in shortly after first speaker begins.

Published on Jan 15, 2015… 137 more words


Michael Tellingers response to Webre, and Credo Mutwa's reply: My vision is peace in the world. I blame myself for Michael Tellinger & Zulu Planet’s malfeasance on their contract

This editor is working diligently at holding a sacred neutral point of observation during all the mudslinging that began in December between highly influential personalitys we’ve all become quite familiar with over the last few years. 1,836 more words