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WonderCon 2014 - Aspen Comics Offerings

Anyone that knows me knows I love Aspen Comics and I collect their prints and issues like a crack fiend.  Michael Turner was and still is my favorite comic book artist. 204 more words


Zombie Fiction or Vivid Talent?: ABNA's Top 500 Amazon Breakthrough Novelists reach Quarter Finals


By Shawn StJean

While this contest undoubtedly warrants continued support from all involved, this year I’m adding a political dimension to my announcements.  Aside from the obvious tactic of identifying undiscovered–one might say, buried–talent in the cheapest way possible by the Amazon would-be monopoly, is the fix in at the ABNA?   242 more words

United States allegedly not sharing Russia intelligence with Ukraine

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org
The United States is not sharing with the Ukrainian government detailed intelligence or Russia’s military buildup, according to American lawmakers. Moscow is reportedly deploying large numbers of troops along Russia’s border with Ukraine, while US intelligence agencies have allegedly detected the presence of Russian military supply lines that would be required for a land invasion of Ukraine. 316 more words

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Celebrate 20 Years of Chaos! Comics in May with Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that Chaos!, a six-issue miniseries heralding the return of the shared Chaos! Comics universe, will launch its first issue on May 7th, 2014.  408 more words


31 Days of comics, day 27

I can’t believe how close we are to the end now!  Here we are, on day 27 of the challenge, and today we are looking at the comic I’ve read the most.  675 more words


Picking at the Scabs - January 15th, 2011

The ‘Picking at the Scabs’ series will go back and take a look at memorable Atlanta sports losses over the past few years. It will focus on my experience of the event, how time has affected how it is now perceived, and the effect it had on the mindset of the Atlanta sports fan today. 2,291 more words


Top 10 Female Comic Book Heroes

As you can see I love making up lists of anything and if you get to know me you’d see I’m a little obsessed with listing everything. 695 more words