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Don't Sleep on the Jets

Being raised by two parents from the Empire State, I’ve come to watch a lot of New York sports throughout my life. The New York Jets have been classified as a “joke” team in the NFL lately, but I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. 196 more words


"God Forgives, Dog Lover's Don't."

I really didn’t want to do this blog because I didn’t want to be accused of being “pro-black,” or making this an issue of race. However, because we still have a covert system of systematic white supremacy, I believe this situation, fits the bill. 673 more words

The "Abolitionist Approach" Cult

There are some in the Animal Rights movement who are as intellectually open minded as are cult members. They seem to believe that people will just go from eating meat and wearing leather to being vegans in one fell swoop. 264 more words

The Jets should be "flying high" this season!!

Give the Jets’ General Manager John Idzik Jr. his props. He has had a fairly productive off-season thus far with many key acquisitions already in tow that promise to take the beleagured team out of their mediocrity…finally! 651 more words


The Jets' Offseason

This offseason, the Jets went with a very deliberate free agency strategy, targeting three big-name players to boost their ailing offense. The first was former Broncos receiver Eric Decker, who signed a 5-year, $36 million contract early this offseason. 575 more words

Do The Vick and Johnson Signings Make The Jets A Contender?

On the surface, the New York Jets acquisition of Chris Johnson and Michael Vick this offseason make them appear to be serious contenders in the AFC East. 852 more words


Crash Landing for New Jet

After getting released by the Titans and then sitting on the open market for two weeks, Chris Johnson finally found a new team. In New York he’ll likely be taking handoffs from fellow offseason pickup Michael Vick, forming football’s most terrifying backfield if this were 2010. 795 more words

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