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How to extract the infobox vcard from wikipedia using the python wikipedia library

I have been trying to extract the infobox content using the wikipedia python package.

My code is as follows (for this page):

import wikipedia
Aldi = wikipedia.page('Aldi')
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Michal & David

Scriptures: 1st Samuel 18:20-29; 19:11-17 and 2nd Samuel 3:14-16; 6:14-23

Title: Michal & David


  • Introduction
  • Michal loves David – 1 Sam 18:20-29
  • Michal saves David – 1 Sam 19:11-17…
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2014 Sermons

bootstrap responsive menu on desktop

I want make a bootstrap responsive menu on desktop. I will use javascript to switch normal menu to responsive, when someone scroll to down. Is there any way to force the menu responsive when width is greater? 28 more words


VoK 152: The Legend of Korra ("After All These Years" Review)

Whatever happened to those Vassals anyway? Michal, (inkasrain) Stephanie (gsdg), Katie (Lady Griffin), Amin, and Zach (Alias) awaken from their Korra catnap to review the season premiere of Book 4: Balance: “After All These Years.” 33 more words


Read a file with comments in first 10 lines

I currently have a txt file that contains instructions in the first 10 rows followed by comma separated values. I would like to read this file in R but am not sure how since there are essentially two parts to the file with different structure. 81 more words


Ecstatic Worship

Are you the observer or the participant? We don’t see much ecstasy in worship these days. Oh, there’s a lot of loud music and wild lights like a rock concert and occasionally some roaring and clapping and shouting, but the spectacle of David and the transporting of the ark is beyond words and unlikely to be repeated in our age. 518 more words

Ordinary Time