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Mental and Physical Illness

Organic pathology

Physical ailments are much easier to recognize than mental disorders. For example, a person with the flu has a fever, aches and pains, and other recognizable signs; there are laboratory tests that can determine whether a person with a sore throat and a fever has an infection. 439 more words

Mental Illness

Introduction to Madness

The family’s gone. So I thought I’d pick up some light reading. I frequently gravitate toward the philosophy section of the bookstore, and it was there I came upon the book… 340 more words

Mental Illness

Power & Web 2.0 culture

As the semester closes and I reflect on the past months, I seem to have more questions than answers. My feminist persuasion and affinity for focusing on power relationships informs the questions I ask, and as for the answers…well…I tend to discover more questions. 159 more words

Foucault and the Artificial Telos

In his work, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, Michel Foucault aims to expose the social issues that arise from the paradigm shift in Western civilization that he was witnessing in modern France. 1,131 more words


The Panopticon

by Raluca Igr

Before giving the contemporary context of what Panopticon means, let’s turn a bit in time and find roots in old legends and myths, beyond which we can later understand that surveillance and power have evolved within one concept. 1,417 more words


Surat Untukmu

Di depannya ada 3 orang berdiri berjejer lurus ke depan. Tepat dihadapannya seorang pria yang perkiraannya seumuran dengannya menggendong tas ransel dan membawa sebuah kardus. Ia menebak kardus itu berisi vas bunga, atau sebuah patung kecil berbentuk totem, atau barangkali sebuah barang elektronik semacam DVD player. 1,588 more words

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Baseball Cards and Critical Theory

April is always an insane month in my household.  Two birthdays, springtime, Lent/Easter season, Baseball Season, Earth Day, etc.  I suspect it may be busier than December.  325 more words