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Answer to a Question on Foucault and the Invisible Hand

I was responding recently to a query from a graduate student back in Britain about Foucault and liberalism, focused around he famous ‘invisible hand’ in Adam Smith, in which self-interest in the market place promotes a general welfare. 1,159 more words

Reading Response #8: Not An Immortal Soul, But Many Mortal Ones

Reading Response #8

The study of history makes one “happy, unlike the metaphysicians, to possess in oneself not an immortal soul but many mortal ones.” And in each of these souls, history will not discover a forgotten identity, eager to be reborn, but a complex system of distinct and multiple elements, unable to be mastered by the powers of synthesis…

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Performance Studies

Ed Cohen on The Productive Body and La société punitive in the LARB

Ed Cohen reviews Francois Guéry and Didier Deleule’s The Productive Body and Foucault’s La société punitive in the Los Angeles Review of Books.


Foucauldian discourse: Understanding prison subculture and recividism

I contributed to the annual published compilation developed by the Sociology Department of my College, called the Sociologist Manifesto. The issue that I worked on was understanding the key theme of Foucault’s Discipline and Punish and translating it to critically evaluate the present penal code and justice system, specifically within India. 66 more words

To nie jest Armenia

Unikam doboru fotografii w zestawy określające miejsca jednoznacznie, zgodnie z geograficznym nazewnictwem. Arbitralne określenie: to jest Nowy Jork, to jest Istria, jest zawsze nieprawdą. Odwiedzane miejsca odsyłają do siebie nawzajem, stając się heterotopiami. 33 more words