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Finding information in the internet age

The development of the world wide web has changed the ways in which almost all professions operate, to some degree or another, but few as profoundly as that of Librarianship. 814 more words


Feminism in Three Parts: Part 1--The Problem

*Disclaimer: These are my personal views not a philosophical argument or theory. Some things can’t be grounded.*

I’ve been meaning to write something about feminism ever since the (strange to me) controversy started happening in the media about women calling themselves “feminist” or not. 928 more words


Foucault Studies 18 now published - includes two translations of Foucault, all open access

Foucault Studies 18 is now published. A wide range of contents including a theme section on ‘Ethnographies of Neoliberal Governmentalities'; translations of Foucault’s 1979 version of ‘ 45 more words

Michel Foucault

Free Julian Assange: An Exclusive Interview with the Wikileaks Founder

LONDON—”Don’t forget to tell them about my appeal to the U.K. Supreme Court,” Julian Assange tells me in a door-knob-one-more-thing moment as I’m leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has taken refuge for the last two years. 4,760 more words

The Culture Wars of Neo-Liberalism: On GamerGate and the Author

“It has been understood that the task of criticism is not to re-establish the ties between an author and his work or to reconstitute an author’s thought and experience through his works and, further, that criticism should concern itself with the structures of a work, its architectonic forms, which are studied for their intrinsic and internal relationships . 1,029 more words


Kierkegaard's Subjectivity and Foucault's Style of Life-Juridification Distinction

My latest post at the New APPS group blog

Continuing from my last post on ‘Style of Living versus Juridification in Foucault’, there seems to be me to be something to be gained by thinking about Kierkegaard’s ethics here, even if Kierkegaard’s Christianity and Foucault’s aesthetic self seem rather distinct.

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Academic Dishonesty and Panopticism

Academic dishonesty has always been a major problem in educational systems (Malouff & Sims, 1996 in Szabo & Underwood, 2004). It includes “cheating; … copyright infringement; and plagiarism” (Ercegovac & Richardson, p. 612 more words