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Foucault + power + resistance = the fashion blogger

Michael Foucault a famous French social theorist said that ‘Power produces knowledge.’

Foucault a postmodernist thought-leader, well ahead of his time, put forward the idea of… 604 more words

Academic Theory

Forthcoming Publications - new page and some preprints

I’ve added a forthcoming publications page to the site, along with links to a few preprints. These are only for publications currently in production – it doesn’t include things under review or being drafted. 22 more words

Michel Foucault

Truth is the first casualty when war is declared

By Shaked Spier

The recurring elements in the manipulation of public opinion and discourse in wartime also appeared during ‘Protective Edge.’ Shaked Spier brings you the Ten Truths, Ten Commandments and Ten Lies of war. 1,524 more words


Béatrice Han "L'a apriori historique selon Michel Foucault"

Han, Béatrice 2003. L’a priori historique selon Michel Foucault : difficultés archéologiques. – Da Silva, Emmanuel (ed). Lectures de Michel Foucault. Volume 2, Foucault et philosophie… 1,323 more words


Like an American

Perhaps the ahistorical and, ultimately, utopian nature of the proposal to seal the borders and compel undocumented persons to self-deport can be brought into focus via a discussion of… 620 more words


“Nineteenth-century interest in gardens in the United States is useful to consider in discerning domination involved in attitudes toward nature. In her work on kitchen gardens in English culture, Rachel Crawford notes a parallel between gardening and imperial foreign policy in which ‘alien peoples, like pineapples and oranges, melons, or peaches, could, carefully managed, be productively nurtured and safely absorbed within a recognizably British order’ (206).

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ISIS Debate Debrief - What Worked, What Didn't, What We're Doing About It, and How YOU Can Get Involved!

Hello, and welcome back to the Café!

First off, we’d like to thank everybody for the tremendous amount of support we received in publishing our ISIS debate… 939 more words