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Distopia in salsa bearnaise

Michel Houellebecq è sicuramente uno dei miei scrittori contemporanei preferiti.
Ho sempre l’impressione che lui sia al centro dei pensieri che girano nel mondo e che abbia sempre quel pizzico di feroce trasgressività che rende più appetibili le pietanze, spesso indigeste, che serve. 484 more words


A Night with Michel Houellebecq

I guess it’s some people’s idea of a nightmare – not me, personally I’m a big fan – yes, a night with Michel Houellebecq; the TV show I recently saw on that theme definitely made it look like a nightmarish prospect though.   1,878 more words

Michel Houellebecq

Literary scholarship is indeed a beautiful pursuit, Mr Houellebecq

The specificity of literature, the major art of a West which is nearing its demise before our eyes, is not very difficult to define, however. As much as literature, music can produce an emotion or a shift in emotion, sadness or absolute ecstasy; as much as literature, painting can generate amazement, a new look at the world.

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I wrote in a previous post about the process by which French citizens of North African origin were pushed out to the banlieues, redefined as ‘Muslims’ and cast as the ‘Other’, as not really part of the French nation. 1,335 more words


Kush është ‘magjistari Houellebecq’?

Ditën që nga një sulm terrorist, u vranë 12 persona në zyrat e revistës “Charlie Hedbo”, kjo e fundit, sapo kishte botuar numrin e saj të ri. 1,117 more words


A couple of things about Michel Houellebecq

I’ve obviously spent a lot of time watching TV lately – I saw this great but slightly uncomfortable TV show about the time Michel Houellebecq met the Spanish theatrical director Calixto Bieito (who specialises in modern interpretations of opera and theatrical pieces, involving mainly sex and violence.   196 more words

Michel Houellebecq