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Dear First Lady Michele Obama- In response to the letter to Kanye West

Dear Michele Obama,

       Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Emily Pierce, you know a citizen of the United States of America where your husband Barack Obama is President. 556 more words

Mental Health

Michele Obama-Journey To China

Stay tuned and updated as Michele Obama tours China with her daughters. Why? Because it is important for Americans to understand and appreciate Chinese Culture and Michele is representing America with their culture. 113 more words

Michele Obama's New Nutrition Label is Revealing

Yesterday, Michele Obama unveiled the new nutritional facts label as part of the Let’s Move! drive to make America healthier. She aims to make the label more readable so we can make more healthy and informed choices. 452 more words


First lady Michelle Obama highlights drink-more-water show in NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama is helping a New York City museum spread some advice on health: Drink up — water, that is. 115 more words


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Michelle Obama has done a marvelous job in her efforts to educate the young people of America on the benefits of exercise and healthy eating. It is so important to teach kids at young age about these benefits. Kids are highly impressionable when they're young, so there isn't a better time. NYC has tried to implement soda bans to no avail, which isn't a surprise. People are very set on there ways, especially later in life. The familiarity and comfort of soda can't just vanish into thin air. What Michele is doing is providing a better option for kids so they will hopefully make good decisions down the road. If kids grow up drinking soda, then odds are they will only continue in the future. However, if kids develop drinking water and understand how sugary drinks are unhealthy, then they will be set up for success rather than failure. Health education for kids is important. We are starting to see a more of a consorted effort to eat healthy foods and drinks. Michele Obama and her agenda is a great reason for why this happening.