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Looking for a star

I almost never write about a restaurant twice, but today is the exception.

We went to FARM  at the Carneros Inn last Friday night, and dinner was so good, the service so polished, the experience so delightful that I cannot stop wondering why this restaurant does not have a Michelin Star. 479 more words


New Year at Kitchen Table

New Year, the most challenging of yearly holidays. Expectations are great, but the execution seldom a success. Restaurants are packed, serving only pre-determined (expensive) menus, queues are a killer, and there is always someone who gets too drunk (if not from your party, then from the table next to you). 813 more words


No freedom on the freeways for me

“OH, she can do it. Just try”, they chirp at me. I look at their faces, frown and tell them for the umpteen time that I do not want to drive on freeways. 782 more words

The origins of Content Marketing

There is nothing new in the idea of engaging consumers with content and making them feel not only like the passive recipient of a product or service but an active consumer, almost a business partner. 440 more words

Content Marketing

Onions: How to Chop Fine

It’s a video, but if you’re like me – you still need swim goggles… …and a respirator.  One can never be too careful.

Note how the hand holds the onion, so you’re less likely to cut yourself.

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