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Ινγκριντ γύρνα πίσω! Μας λείπεις!

Άμα δεν το είχατε καταλάβει μέχρι τώρα, της αρέσουν τα κορίτσια.

Και ένα κάτι τις για έμπνευση ζήλεια.

And something small to get you inspired jealous.


Famous People with ADHD

For you parents out there with ADHD children, there are many people that have ADHD and have become great successors. Here are a few well know people that have been diagnosed with ADHD from a young age! 211 more words

Cara D in NYC: The British Supermodel's Favorite Manhattan Spots

Cara Delevingne took over Bloomingdale’s (and Instagram) last Saturday when she stood on the iconic department store’s roof to trumpet the launch of her range of clothing for DKNY… 483 more words

Review: Turbo

While EA produces a film adaptation of a racing video game, I go back to Dreamworks answer to Cars. It was… okay.

Theo is a simple garden snail who daydreams of a life of racing, motor racing that is. 240 more words


92. Resident Evil

I know — two zombie movies in a row. It’s bad form, especially for a proclaimed ‘zombie hater.’ But to me, Resident Evil as a whole has always been more interesting as a creature feature. 363 more words

BBPX Top 100

On September 29 "Girlfight" starring Michelle Rodriguez was released ...

On September 29, 2000, “Girlfight” was released. The sports drama starred Michelle Rodriguez (in her first and breakout film role) as Diana Guzman, a trouble teen who turns to boxing to channel her aggression, facing various obstacles in the male-dominated sport. 31 more words