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Call Me Slacker

It was three days ago that I promised to “get cracking.” Is that expression only found in certain parts of the country?

Anyway, I promised to respond to blog comments, to read other blogs, and I guess implicitly I promised to keep posting.   240 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Northville, MI Halloween

Northville, MI, is a quaint little town (relatively speaking) northeast of Ann Arbor and due west of Detroit.  The “downtown” is no more than 2-3 blocks in any direction from the epicenter.   159 more words


Protecting our Unsung Four-Legged Heroes

What do drugs, bombs, arson, and missing persons all have in common? They are all areas of law enforcement that can be masterfully handled by none other than our four-legged friends.  841 more words


Driver Beware: Michigan Authorizes Roadside Drug Tests

It’s been the law in Michigan that your license can be suspended if you refuse to take a Preliminary Breath Test for alcohol. But a new law will add drug testing to the mix. 475 more words

Criminal Case

Pick And Roll #13: Too Much of a Good Thing

This week, Quentin and Rod discuss the beginning of the NBA season by getting nostalgic. They also discuss off-color knee braces, the new Ras Kass/Apollo Brown project, Reverend X, adventures on League Pass, point guards that wear culottes, and the future of Rodney Stuckey.


Negotiating Smiles

Charlie Chaplin was at the “Arts, Beats, and Eats” event this summer. Interesting how a celebrity from the early 1900’s can still grasp the attention of a crowd and especially the children waiting for a balloon. 28 more words