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Day & Night

Titles by the great Pablo Ferro.

Hal Ashby’s LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER, a Stones concert film, suffers a bit from being ’80s product, a period probably nobody would say was the Rolling Stones’ finest. 401 more words


Walls of Whiteness

by Sara Ahmed

It has been heartening to witness a heightened concern with race and higher education. An increase of concern helps to expose the lack of previous concern. 1,807 more words


Give Your Earholes A Tickle

Last year’s SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) was memorable, to say the least.  All of the screenings I was able to attend were worthwhile for one reason or another but none were as enjoyable as the showing of Greg “Freddy” Camalier’s documentary, Muscle Shoals.   101 more words

Jodorowsky's Dune

◊ ◊ ½

One of the various movie insiders interviewed for this documentary about the failed film, described it as, “the most important movie never made.”  Based on what I saw, I think it would be hard to argue with that statement.   299 more words

Movie Review


Chas (James Fox), a young gangster in late 1960s East London, runs into a spot of bother when he lets his personal history interfere with the latest hit. 1,014 more words



This documentary tells the story of the often forgotten yet so important part of every band; the back-up singer.  Watching this makes you realise how key they are to the parts of the songs that you attach memory to (yes, the bits that you sing out are indeed the back-up singer parts) and also how accomplished and talented they are as musicians in their own rights.  22 more words