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Marisa Madison Watch

Marisa’s back. And, as regular readers know, I love Marisa Madison.

  • She holds the hobbyists in complete disdain.
  • She cannot post even a schedule without an arrogant tone.
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An Interesting comment about Midwesttimez.com worthy of its own blog entry

The following was posted to one of the blog entries. It’s really interesting reading so thanks to the person who posted it. Since you’re completely anonymous, think about sharing the provider comments about TomZ. 559 more words


Is this the next sucker to turn over his net worth to a provider?

Someone sent me this review of Angelenaxoxo written by Mensa member Semisecretidentity on Midwesttimez.com. I’ve chatted with Angelena over the years and I’ve always liked her. 485 more words


Is there a new private Mens area on Midwesttimez.com?

I’ve heard things are back to normal on Midwesttimez.com. The elderly lifetime hobbyists are slowly being let back into a private bored [sic] but they are so concerned with leaks that only the truly trustworthy are being added. 178 more words