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Aftermath Of A Wedding

And maybe a few words of advice

The assistant can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes.  He read the stories as a youth, watched the old Basil Rathbone movies, the not too distant Jeremy Brett portrayal, and both current versions (American and British)–oh; and even the Robert Downey, Jr. 107 more words


Choosing the GH3

For the first 7 years of my film making career, I used the Panasonic PVGS35 Mini-DV Camcorder and the Canon HV30 HD Mini-DV Camcorder. Both consumer Camcorders. 313 more words

5D Mark III

A Fortuitious Walk Downtown

Necessity provides some nice images

The assistant has for several Friday evenings headed out to take pictures of flowers. He intended to do the same this past evening. 275 more words


Blackberries Ripening On The Bush

Some for today, Some for Tomorrow

A couple of months ago I showed you the blackberry blossoms and told you when the berries were ripe I’d post some pictures of them for you.   48 more words


An Appalachian Panaroma

The Assistant struggles without a tripod

This past weekend the assistant was fortunate enough to be  able to visit his good friends up in the mountains.   337 more words


Taking A Second Look

you don’t always know what you have

The assistant often reads about photographers who think they are having a bad shoot yet when they look at the results they are pleasantly surprised.   22 more words


Shiny, Sharp, Sparkly, And Gives Good Bokeh

The Assistant Goes With a Different 135mm Lens?

This past Sunday the assistant was up early and visiting the flowers.  He really likes his Zeiss Opton Sonnar 1:4 135mm; but he thought he should give another lens an opportunity to shine so he started the day with a Leitz Hector 135mm 1:4.5.   50 more words