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While Laura looks for something to carve with, I sit by the meat and think about my last conversation with Dylan, saying he needed us to be more open. 71 more words


My Diary

I started the grey day walking a circle in a pond; I found a ring from a Christmas cracker pulled by Alberich several years ago when I was the only walking tree still alive; I remember the Rhine Maiden decorations glistening in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 80 more words


Unbelievable - Flash Fiction Challenge 29 #FFC52

Flash Fiction Challenge

Prompt: Create a six-word story about anything you love to write about!

This six-word story is written in response to the tragic death of a young boy in the wrong place at the wrong tome. 19 more words



I feel the emotional surge of everything coming apart: not necessarily a negative experience when one is accustomed to a structureless union. I’ve been a witness to this reality for long enough to know that it is purely molecular . 706 more words


My Diary

June and I got up like masking tape being peeled off a recently painted wall; I found a Spanish galleon in my hands and she found a family of mustelids (I don’t know what species). 116 more words


'SAY HELLO TO THE MONSTER' by Richard David Lawman

When they finally caught me – trying to dissect my seventeenth victim – they knew that the standard punishment protocol wouldn’t be enough. For I was special and I needed something special.  740 more words


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Wanted: ‘Escort’. Guaranteed to die happy.

This was written in response to Thain in Vain’s Week 29 Prompt to write a 6 word story, inspired by Hemmingway.