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Fiction | Frozen Opportunities

An older piece of my writing. May it find a new home here.

John sat at the kitchen table, his face resting in his hands.  Brianna, the woman who he had barely known a short year ago, sat on the other side.  527 more words

Father And Daughter

A Flash with a Librarian

“Hrm, excuse me?”
The hot librarian looked up from his book. “Yes?”
“I was looking for Tortilla Flat by Steinbeck, but I can’t seem to find it.” 84 more words


My Diary

I had to get up early to dance with an Egyptian mummy to the music of Stravinsky in a firebird morning. I returned from micro-potholing in the garden just as a tube train raced through our dining room (knocking down a diamond encrusted vole skull and a photograph of June in rapt conversation with a plastic boomerang as it did so). 70 more words


20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 8

Phrase 8: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

“You are beautiful, Alex!” My Aunt slurred as she took another sip of her beer. 255 more words

Creative Writing

After I Go (Gargleblaster)

It happened
Quicker than a dream scatters
A glimpse of a dark face
Foreign and familiar
Burn of the long kiss
A hiss
Haunted by infinite memories… 34 more words


"Appreciation (MMFM 9)" by Richard O'Brien

Skip finally yelled in frustration, “That’s the whole disconnect, man! You will never understand!  You will never be able to appreciate how hard it is to have a name that is also a verb, Nealon Jackhoff!”

—Richard O’Brien