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100 Nightmares is here!!!

Hi everyone! This is probably one of the proudest moments of my life. :) haha All the hard work has finally paid off and I managed to make an eBook, yay!! 88 more words


"The Further Adventures of Baby Dan" by Richard O'Brien

The bank hostages fought against their restraints, twisting and pulling against the electrical cords that bound them, with no success.

Periodically, the hostages would glance up to the C4 bricks duct-taped to the wall. 129 more words


How I Spent My Sumer Vacashun

last july, my mommy and daddy took me and my little brother to the unded zoo to see the last peepel ther who are steel around who are ded but steel moving around. 263 more words


My Diary

I saw my reflection in the thirteenth floor windows before I woke up to see a gleaming polished head in an oyster shell. I had to walk an avenue counting prehistoric menhirs before I left the house (which was shaped like an acoustic guitar). 66 more words


"Blink of a dying eye" by Barry Charman

Barry Charman is a writer living in North London. He has been published in The Alarmist, Bare Fiction Magazine and Gold Dust Magazine. He has poems published online at… 45 more words


Saved by American Apparel

You step into my path, saying, ‘The bank is shit? The bank is shit. The bank is shit.’

Unsure if you’re some undercover Socialist Worker, I pull down my hood and crane my neck towards your mouth: ‘shit’ morphs into ‘shut.’ 405 more words

My Diary

I woke with an alligator head not quite in the centre of my shoulders; relegating my own head to an earring. It was too wet to relieve the sentries and I cried crocodile tears as the waiter came round with a housing estate on a plate. 70 more words