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'The Signal' 100 Word story

The astrophysicist stared dreamily into the night sky.

His cynical coworker shook his head, “If anything is out there, they’re not coming toward us. At least, not in our lifetime.” 44 more words


My Diary

Today was a semi-transcendental day which I celebrated on a scale model of Hadrian’s Wall pulling Roman soldiers from between the paving slabs. A man dressed like a penny postman walked by holding a sickle; we swapped road signs and I came inside. 89 more words



Almost everyone has eaten a taco (tah-koh), a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla (tawr-tee-uh) folded or rolled around various fillings. Now with the surge of immigrants flooding across the southern border it’s probably a good time to become familiar with other food items of Mexico and the Central American countries. 127 more words


"Hiawatha", Translated Into Sammyspeak, by Sammy The Gat

“Song of Howyadoin'”

By the grains of Double G
By the hopped-up Big-Blue-Drink
Hung the cool pad of Nokomis
Birth Chick of the Orb, Nokomis. 53 more words

Short Fiction

La Lucheza

Wrote this little piece in response to this prompt:

“La Lucheza”

The mariachis fell silent when she strode into the cantina. Voices trickled toward silence, but T-Bone, Big Dog, and Wolf shouted at the camarero and at once he brought them their cervezas. 334 more words

Creative Writing


We drove behind Lake Somerset and spent the night digging, deep holes inside the forest. Afterwards we shared a cigarette. I leant on my shovel like the councilmen do and watched Laura comb the night from her hair. 61 more words


My Diary

June and I found ourselves in the cockpit of a B25 Mitchell which must have crashed in the jungle; I called myself Doolittle and talked to the dog (she still has a few problems and wears the imaginary building site scaffolding with good grace). 96 more words