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That One Time When Blackface Happened Right in Front of Me

When I was about 1,001 months pregnant with Sara, we were invited to a birthday party. One of Mia’s cousins was turning six, and several of us made the forty-five minute car ride to their to their idyllic home in a steep valley that eventually become the incredible Andes mountain range. 1,322 more words

Why I Am Offended From This Week’s Episode of MasterChef (And Why You Should Be Too)

I love cooking shows. I started watching them religiously back when I was high school freshman. Every day after school, I would turn the TV onto the Food Network and watch Rachel Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, Paula Deen, and Ina Garten make magic happen in their kitchens. 1,633 more words

Young Lady

The words we use with each other matter. Yet sarcasm and jokes and silliness are a dominant flavor in the way me and my crew communicate. 487 more words

On Being "Exotic"

Last week, my roommate and I were visiting San Francisco and were browsing small shops in Pier 39. Suddenly, a salesman came up to me and started making small talk. 118 more words

Keith Johnson – Microaggresion

I conclude that microaggression, as commonly used, is not a scientific concept.   It reifies perceptual bias, through a one-sided view of two-sided interaction.9 more words

A Record of Missteps

This would probably never happen to me at a lindy hop event. Just sayin’. (image via Margaret Howell)

In case you all didn’t know, I write for a magazine called… 677 more words

Lindy Hop

The point of the tip.

True, “micro-aggression” is just the tip of the iceberg. But the tip is part of the iceberg—the part which signals that there is an iceberg.