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How to be a girl at work

So the other day I was reading this article about Bjork on Feministing, and this particular quote from her stuck out:

I learned—the hard way—that if I was going to get my ideas through, I was going to have to pretend that they—men—had the ideas.

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Racial Microaggressions: What is the Hidden Message?

Racial Microaggressions take three main forms: microassault, microinsult, and microinvalidation. This article is about one form of Racial microaggressions, microinsult.

According to Dr. Derald Wing Sue, a professor at Columbia University and a leader in the study of microaggression, microinsults are actions (verbal, nonverbal, or environmental) that convey insensitivity, rudeness, or demeans a person’s racial identity or heritage. 850 more words

Racial Microaggressions

This kid in my class keeps saying racist (or just really prejudiced) things.  

When people call him out on it, he says that he can’t be racist…

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Around the second month of school, my teacher started making me move when we took tests- right after she would give us lectures on cheating.  

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Breaking News: Satire Writers Strike!

We at Snipes love satire even if we don’t always understand it, or even recognize it, for that matter. Our favorite satirical websites are Salon, The Blaze, and Slate. 384 more words


“Check your privilege.”

There’s a girl who keeps telling me that because I’m white, I’m simply ineligible to participate in any discussions regarding race.

Yes, white people benefit from the institution of racism and are responsible for it, but that doesn’t mean my opinion is just rendered…

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Little Children

Any post about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day has to start in my childhood.  I am a person who likes to think that I’m not racist, but I have put my big foot in my mouth (I wear a size 10, incidentally– big feet) several times on the subject of race.   534 more words