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I am NOT just a "Feisty Latina": Microaggressions in everyday life

I would like to start off by stating that when I am vocal about racism, sexism, and other problematic language; I am NOT to be dismissed as just another “feisty Latina”. 1,157 more words

A Mini-Series on Micro-Aggression, Racism, Privilege and Slow Laptops (Part 2)

A good friend of mine disagrees with me about White privilege. He’s a conservative Republican, sympathetic to the Tea Party and loves God, freedom and ‘murica. 1,915 more words


Speaking Of Drinking, Let’s Talk About Microaggressions

I have never been a drinker. My dad drank a fair bit when I was younger. As far as I know he was never an alcoholic, but he certainly didn’t set a good example either. 653 more words

Speaking of a "slight" matter...

In this article here today in the New York Times, it was good to see that what I on a few occasions experienced in my time outside India- though, happily, it was only rarely, but yes it happens and it hurts or rankles when it does – seems to have a legitimate term for it, and that it is a subject of discussion. 224 more words


Don't be a Dick

I wrote about the concept of “microaggression” for VICE, where I now have an archive and where I never read the comments.

The Big Topic on Campus: Racial ‘Microaggressions’

Blogs, papers and other projects have prompted wider discussion of “microaggressions,” remarks with a basis in racial, gender or other stereotypes.

See on www.nytimes.com

Discrimination & Racism

A Mini-Series on Micro-Aggression, Racism, Privilege and Slow Laptops (Part 1)

I perform improv at a theater where I live. The form we do is sometimes called short-form: a member of the improv group steps out and asks the audience for a one-word suggestion from which they’ll give a monologue and then perform scenes from that monologue. 1,096 more words