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"Must be made in China"

Here comes another microagression that’s been brewing a rage within me that must be released. The plastic binding to a new Pantone fan deck in my office broke and I heard someone say “Must be made in China.” This Pantone contraption very well could have been made in China, and there are economic and political forces behind this conjecture that I don’t fully comprehend, but I know this statement also comes from a deeply rooted American viewpoint that quality comes from Europe and crap comes from Asia. 220 more words


(In)visibility of Microaggressions

When reading Citizen: An American Lyric, many of us have found complex ideas and concepts embedded in the smallest passages. Even the sections that are filled with words convey analyses of microaggressions on par with the level that the smaller passages show as well. 484 more words


Microaggression And The Youth

Microaggressions have become more and more frequent with time. On the one (and ‘positive’) hand, this means that the major aggression are being addressed and, therefore, they make their way into small and subtle forms. 781 more words


a micro aggression on microaggressions

Jennifer and I were throwing around the idea of blogging about microaggressions a few days ago. I honestly had no idea where I could start with that.  608 more words


some words on tim cook's coming out (and the internet's reaction)

apple ceo tim cook came out last week, in a brilliantly-written and unprecedentedly personal column in businessweek.

compare, if you will, the following threads on reddit–the first on /r/technology, the second on /r/gaybros. 380 more words

Grow up.

Recently this trend of calling women a “basic bitch” has come around. At first I was utterly confused by it. What did anyone even mean by the term basic? 250 more words

Voices: Costumes, candy and cultural appropriation

Ever since I began college, I’ve had to brace myself for Halloween and the inevitable smorgasbord of racism it brings. It seems that every year when the air begins to chill, the autumn leaves begin to fall and pumpkin spice everything goes on sale, people think it’s okay to pretend to be another race for a day. 858 more words