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Welcome to College—Now Please Stop Thinking

When freshmen first arrived at Canada’s University of Western Ontario a few weeks ago, they were introduced not to cutting-edge research or “the best which has been thought and said” (in Matthew Arnold’s… 923 more words

Everyday microaggressions

Before relocating to Christchurch many people told me that it had a nationwide reputation for being quite racist. I didn’t really take notice because in my experience racism is not unique to any particular locality, it is pervasive. 2,327 more words

Human Rights


To the Facebook-friend-who-just-posted-a-picture-of-himself-and-two-friends-with-the-caption-“i-am-okay-that-i-am-gay”:

You probably don’t know why yet, but you disgust me. Okay, maybe it’s not you – you’re a great person who has great potential in all things.  1,260 more words

Thoughts On Things

Racial Microaggressions May Last a Lifetime

Racial Microaggressions May Last a Lifetime

The racial microaggressions shown in these images may occur across all types of interracial communications; however, those that have the potential for the greatest harm are those perpetrated by majority culture individuals toward persons in disempowered racial groups. 171 more words


Racial Microaggressions Are Not Insignificant

Studies show that racial microaggressions have harmful consequences for students of color.

Although they may seem like insignificant slights, or banal and trivial in nature, studies show that… 152 more words


That One Time When Blackface Happened Right in Front of Me

When I was about 1,001 months pregnant with Sara, we were invited to a birthday party. One of Mia’s cousins was turning six, and several of us made the forty-five minute car ride to their to their idyllic home in a steep valley that eventually become the incredible Andes mountain range. 1,117 more words