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Sci-Art Creations #1: Marine Microbe Collage

So, the other day, for some reason I Google’d marine microbes. Not really sure why. But these kinds of things have started to surprise me less and less. 288 more words

Turtles (Science Explorations)

The Last Asiatic Lion

As the planet Arrcanium appeared on his charts, Coh loaded the latest surveys of Yoon into active navigation and locked in a route to Fray’s port – oblivious to the delays awaiting him. 224 more words


Escherichia coli

Escherichia coli merupakan salah satu bakteri gram negatif yang bersifat anaerob fakultatif dan berbentuk batang. E.coli masuk dalam genus Escherichia yang biasanya ditemukan dalam usu dari organisme berdarah panas. 278 more words


"Microbial gardens" reduce the amount of heat reflected back into space by ice sheets

The first ecological study of an entire glacier has found that microbes drastically reduce surface reflectivity and have an impact on the amount of heat available to warm our planet. 344 more words

Climate Change