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"Microbial gardens" reduce the amount of heat reflected back into space by ice sheets

The first ecological study of an entire glacier has found that microbes drastically reduce surface reflectivity and have an impact on the amount of heat available to warm our planet. 344 more words

Climate Change

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Review

Imagine being a girl in the late 90s. All of a sudden, you’re watching Disney Channel and a new movie is premiering. The best part of it? 180 more words


Of 20Th Century Microbe Hunters This title is Print

One of the ways you can save money on your closing costs is by shopping for a title insurance provider, rather than using the one offered by the lender. 297 more words

Guts Matter

We are all split. From the moment a haploid sperm cell meets a haploid egg, the resulting diploid’s very existence depends on its being able to divide. 755 more words


Antibacterial Soap is Fouling Up Sewage Treatment Systems

Here is another example where things that are considered good can lead to bad things: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/body/antibacterial-soap-fouling-up-sewage-treatment-systems/

The article talks about an agent called “Triclosan” that kills microbes.

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