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You are your microbes: TedEd talk - Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin

This is fantastic! All Ted talks are amazing and informative, but this one comes with a very clever animation that makes understanding gut bacteria simple and easy! 94 more words


The Dinosaur Killing Asteroid May Have Had a Partner

By “geek.com”

The world can end in a lot of different ways. It can burn up in a ball of fire, like what happened to the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. 190 more words


E is for Energy

Energy is “the capacity of a physical system to perform work.”

Energy is something I currently do not have. (Well, except for that whole cellular thing and this typing thing I’m doing, but you know what I mean. 127 more words

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A new product called MicrobeScope raising funds on Kickstarter is an iPhone-connected, pocket-sized 800x microscope that allows users to record and share video of what they are viewing. 261 more words


gut microbes & the soil story

(h/t Ashton Watkins for finding this video)

the gut microbe-soil story:

we harbor 10:1 microbial DNA to human DNA in our bodies! what does this have to do with healthy soil? 73 more words

NatGeo Mini-Doc Reflection


National Geographic was the only magazine my parents let me subscribe to throughout my childhood and adolescence. I used to plaster pages of different spreads all over my walls at my parents house. 223 more words