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Waterbears; tiny survivalists

This interesting little animal is known as the Tardigrade, or waterbear. Isn’t he just adorable? While these creatures may not closely resemble the ‘bear’ in their namesake – one can’t help but admit they have a certain charm for something only half a millimetre in length. 611 more words


A plague in your family

EurekAlert 21 April 2014

For the first time, researchers have studied the Black Death bacterium’s entire family tree to fully understand how some of the family members evolve to become harmful. 43 more words


'Don’t worry, I’m not contagious' – and other microbiological delusions

The Guardian Jenny Rohn 22 April 2014

As the cold season dribbles relentlessly onward, it’s worth considering who is – or is not – to blame for your misery

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Making arguments with equations, figures, and images: Writing in STEM

by Alexandra Cavallaro and Andrea Olinger

“Do problem sets count as writing?”

This was the question we asked Michael Loui, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). 797 more words

PhD with a difference: Microbiology, school science and science communication

Well, WordPress, its been a while. Just days before christmas I successfully defended my PhD Viva. I immediately  started my new job as a medical writer for a digital healthcare communication agency in Manchester (will hopefully blog about this soon), and since then have been pretty busy doing various things. 686 more words


Lab Week Fun

Since it’s National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week–aka Lab Week–we’d like to start off the week with a poll.

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Happy Lab Week, everyone! 7 more words