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Wanna see the bacteria that hang out in your mouth?

I recently came across the MicrobeScope on Kickstarter.  I am a fan of crowdfunding, have pitched my own project once upon a time on IndieGoGo, and generally find these sites great sources of random inspiration.   394 more words

'Seed and Soil': an epidemiological parable

I’ve been thinking about the ‘seed and soil’ metaphor used by turn of the century by physicians who accepted germ theory but only had environmental medicine to combat infections. 430 more words



Salt flats writhe with serpents

woven ankles, matted hair

cytokine storm, infection inflamed

He hoists me up like the plague,

I am Israel’s accuser,

temple pillars all fall,  a lysis of faith. 101 more words


Jawetz Medical Microbiology 25th 2010

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Jawetz Medical Microbiology 25th 2010

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