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And so what did you see of Ulan Baatar?

I saw the aquarium shops and the medical supply stores.

Day two at NUM, and we’re assembling the components to make some bubbling photobioreactors. 262 more words

Ebola's Chain of Infection

A chain of infection is a method for organizing the basic information needed to respond to an epidemic.  I’ve gathered the best information I’ve been able to find. 757 more words


Plagues of the Past

Everyone’s worried about Ebola lately, right? Ebola in Texas, West Africa, where will it strike next? What will become of the parts of Africa where it has struck?  422 more words


Tuberculosis cluster: Torres Strait islanders 'kept in the dark' about Yam Island cases

ABC News Andree Withey 16 October 2014

A tuberculosis cluster has been identified on Yam Island in the Torres Strait by Queensland Health but locals were not informed. 24 more words