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Rabies Rapid Transit System

Rabies virus hijacks the transport systems of neurons, manipulating axonal transport machinery to get to the central nervous system at maximum speed. 

Rabies virus is a neurotropic negative-strand RNA rhabdovirus. 685 more words


Common gut bacteria could treat food allergies

ScienceAlert Fiona MacDonald 27 August 2014

New research from the University of Chicago in the US shows that a class of bacteria known as Clostridia… 79 more words


Researchers discover why Listeria bacterium is so hard to fight

EurekAlert 27-Aug-2014

Listeria is a dreaded bacterium that can be found in both unprocessed and processed foods. Over the last few weeks, 28 persons in Denmark have been infected with Listeria from processed food, sold in supermarkets. 115 more words


HIV-Mediated Apoptosis: New Therapeutic Targets

Currently, there is no cure for HIV infection. Antiretroviral therapy against HIV has been successful, but now research is focusing on achieving the ultimate goal, a cure. 291 more words


Ritzy Marina Mirage restaurant Saks fined $15,000 for 26 breaches including being caught with live and dead cockroaches in kitchen

Gold Coast Bulletin August 27, 2014 Leah Fineran

A RITZY Gold Coast restaurant been fined $15,000 after being caught with cockroaches, a dirty kitchen and poor food safety standards. 24 more words


Fieldwork, day 19: Earthstars, spiders, drums, argh-squared

Today was pleasingly straightforward, sampling around Morningside/Marchmont. It was sunny, so I worked slowly, enjoying the rays. Chatted to a nice lady in Bruntsfield, who was keen to know about rose rust. 145 more words

My Royal Encounter in the Tunnel - #MuseItUp #Daffodil&TheThinPlace

It feels like it was a previous lifetime when I worked in the London Hospital, Whitechapel – now known as The Royal London Hospital. I was a Senior Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer which was such a mouthful, it was usually abbreviated to SMLSO – although that hardly trips off the tongue! 717 more words