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Powerful microscope gives Australian scientists 'unprecedented' view of molecules

ABC News 2 February 2015

A powerful microscope that researchers hope will help them develop better treatments for diseases such as cancer is being unveiled in Melbourne. 61 more words

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Australian boats help stop the spread of tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea

ABC News 30 January 2015

Four specially crafted boats are heading from Australia’s north-east coast to Papua New Guinea as part of a program to help stop the spread of tuberculosis in the country. 70 more words


Do Probiotics Work?

This time of year, a lot of us are thinking about making changes to our diet to try and improve our health and fitness. In full knowledge of this, we’re bombarded with marketing for all kinds of “health foods”, “super foods”, “wonder products” and the like. 781 more words


Today in Science History: 1st February

1859 – Lydia Maria DeWitt was born. DeWitt made great advancements in the treatment of tuberculosis using chemotherapy – the utilisation of chemicals to treat disease. 309 more words


The Flu Vaccine is Effective There’s been a lot about vaccines...

The Flu Vaccine is Effective

There’s been a lot about vaccines in the news, recently, especially the flu vaccine. So we’re going to concentrate on that, in today’s Healthcare Triage News.

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On the 99% microbes...

I knew that there were “unculturable bacteria”, but I did not know that “…only about 1% of microbes in a soil sample are able to grow in the lab.” 12 more words


Raw Power

Have I expressed my love of eating? I love eating. Food is beautiful and delicious and beautifully delicious. I will tunnel my way through a box of Cheezits or meander my way through some world class Thai cuisine. 429 more words

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