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UCLA Class of 2017, Emily Yang

Name: Emily Yang
Age: 19
Astrological Sign: Aries
Myers Briggs: ESTJ / INTJ (I’ve gotten both depending on the test)
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Student Profile

Inferring the Clonal Structure of Viral Populations from Time Series Sequencing

Inferring the Clonal Structure of Viral Populations from Time Series Sequencing

Donatien Fotso-Chedom, Pablo R. Murcia, Chris D. Greenman
(Submitted on 30 Jul 2014)

RNA virus populations will undergo processes of mutation and selection resulting in a mixed population of viral particles. 109 more words


Digging in to soil microbiology

NOTE: This guest blog post was written by Tiffany Eberhard, one of our summer interns with Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks!.   Eberhard is starting her senior year at the University of Georgia, double majoring in Environmental Health Science and Anthropology. 570 more words

The Beauty of Cross-Sections

They say that true beauty is on the inside, and perhaps that’s true. These images take that saying very literally by showing a microscopic cross-section of various plants. 117 more words


Influenza Viruses and mRNA Splicing: Doing More with Less

During their replication in the nucleus of infected cells, influenza viruses hijack the host splicing machinery to process some of their RNA segments, the M and NS segments. 159 more words


A Year in the Lab: My Final Week in the Lab!

Monday 14th July 2014

This week began with preparing one of the final batches of plugs for running tomorrow. I cut each plug in half, placed it into a fresh eppendorf and incubated them in 0.1 x wash buffer for 1 hour. 1,966 more words

A Year In The Lab