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The Beauty of Cross-Sections

They say that true beauty is on the inside, and perhaps that’s true. These images take that saying very literally by showing a microscopic cross-section of various plants. 117 more words


Influenza Viruses and mRNA Splicing: Doing More with Less

During their replication in the nucleus of infected cells, influenza viruses hijack the host splicing machinery to process some of their RNA segments, the M and NS segments. 159 more words


A Year in the Lab: My Final Week in the Lab!

Monday 14th July 2014

This week began with preparing one of the final batches of plugs for running tomorrow. I cut each plug in half, placed it into a fresh eppendorf and incubated them in 0.1 x wash buffer for 1 hour. 1,966 more words

A Year In The Lab

The epithelial anion transporter pendrin contributes to inflammatory lung pathology in mouse models of Bordetella pertussis infection.

Pertussis disease, characterized by severe and prolonged coughing episodes, can progress to a critical stage with pulmonary inflammation and death in young infants. However, there are currently no effective treatments for pertussis. 246 more words


Blogiday, Big Bangs and Microbiological Superheroes

I ended up taking an extended hiatus from blogging, but now that I’m back, I plan on being back with a vengeance.

During my blogiday / blogcation / sabblogical (?) I wasn’t not doing science-y things, in fact it was quite the opposite; I volunteered at the Big Bang Fair, a microbiology science roadshow and the Cheltenham science festival, joined a forum for young people at the Thintank science museum in Birmingham, began and completed my dissertation, finished uni and graduated with first class honours in Human Biology! 595 more words

ASM issues statement on U.S. biosafety lapses

BioPrepWatch Bryan Cohen 25 July 2014

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) said on Monday that microbiologists must take all steps possible to guarantee safety for themselves, their coworkers and the broader public from pathogenic microorganisms. 10 more words

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Quarantine over China plague death

BBC News 23 July 2014

Part of a city in north-west China has been sealed off and dozens of people placed in quarantine after a man died of bubonic plague, state media say.  12 more words