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Elegant and demure, Statesman places the focus on the written word. A unique hero image treatment is the only embellishment. Truly, a proper blogger’s theme.

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Vivid Dimensions of Applied Creativity in a Social Enterprise Perspective !

Applied creativity? yes, like applied sciences, creativity is a field of knowledge that need to seen from an application perspective. Recently I read about applied creativity from Harvard Business Review​ 323 more words



Did I get any writing done today? No, but . . .

I finished The Maze Runner, putting me at 42/50 books read this year. With the rest of the trilogy and the Heroes of Olympus waiting, I probably don’t have to struggle with what book to read next for the rest of this year’s challenge. 117 more words


Realizing Quantum Computational States through Magnetic Materials

From my discussion in ResearchGate social network on the relationship between electron spin and quantum computer states.

Magnetism offers quite a lot of possibilities to generated quantum states necessary for the creation and sustenance of computational operators. 79 more words


Orchid on the wild wild west!

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 – a minute reflection

I sleep therefore I am a stalker in dreams, I wake up with the vowels emboldened in my dream-scape, I wish I am silent in time and vocal in space, I wish I am entrenched in salt than the sweet sediments of sweat around my wishes. 32 more words


"Hey did you see what happened?!1? It was Crazy!!!1!!!!!!"

Sorry guys that I haven’t posted in forever, I just have been so caught up my job, internship, school, working out, and you know life. But it’s all good! 941 more words

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