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New on the Shed—the Light Blue Bean

The Light Blue Bean is a new Arduino compatible board with built-in Bluetooth LE support, and while that isn’t a new idea, the Bean does something different than the other Bluetooth LE enabled Arduino clones I’ve seen so far—it lets you upload your code to the board wirelessly. 117 more words


Implementing Haptics: Defining and driving the actuator are major challenges

For the system designer, adding haptics capability and tactile feedback to a system is both easy and difficult. In general, the sensor has little or moderate impact on the BOM, space, and cost, while the software has no BOM and minimal cost implications. 1,446 more words

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MIDI dot-matrix printer does the Hackerena!

There is no doubt that you remember the inescapable ‘90s hit, The Macarena. The pairing of a catchy beat and a simple dance turned the Los Del Rio smash hit into a national phenomenon. 178 more words

Makers Movement

The Evolution and DNA of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT), as noted in previous Bits & Pieces articles, is really just a concept at this point because the “things” are undefined. 849 more words


Data acquisition over USB based on an ATTiny: review

Data acquisition peripherals for computers make a lot of science experiments easier and open up new ways of automation. In other words, they’re fun. I’ve recently come across a really cool AVR project done by Jacques Lepot,  1,447 more words

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Hierarchy of Computing: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

Coincidence or not, we are seeing a very intriguing inflection point in the broad hierarchy of computing: most of the interesting developments of the past two decades have been smack in the middle of the spectrum; most of the interesting developments going forward will be at the two ends. 1,018 more words