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Rapid Deployment of Internet-Connected Environmental Monitoring Devices

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Daniel K. Fisher


USDA Agricultural Research Service, Crop Production Systems Research Unit, Stoneville, Mississippi, USA.


Advances in electronic sensing and monitoring systems and the growth of the communications infrastructure have enabled users to gain immediate access to information and interaction with physical devices. 549 more words

Interfacing Android With Microcontroller

As I wrote in my previous post, for these days i’ve been working in a simple project with my friends. Actually it’s just a simple project, controlling an rgb lamp/led using android via bluetooth. 2,782 more words


New Microcontroller

The new display does not need the high powered uC that we had before. This is the new uC schematic.


Lastest version of EBM layout

The main EBM board with the three capacitive touch breakout boards.

Removable Memory

what does a microcontroller do?

A microcontroller is a single chip that includes various elements like a CPU, memory (volatile and non volatile), a timer and an I/O control Unit. Broadly, it is explained as a computer on a chip. 59 more words


Using a buzzer with Arduino in pure C

Since one of my most viewed posts is Programming Arduino Uno in pure C, I wanted to write other posts about common Arduino functionalities implemented in C instead of the default language. 723 more words


Building an Arduino Bluetooth Robot Car - Part 1: Introduction

Android controlled Arduino Robot Car

In this post I will write my hands-on experiences about how to use an Android phone to control a robot car, which is based on an Arduino Uno board. 411 more words