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SmartPhone Controlled Smart Home : Firmware Coding for TI's TM4C123GH6PM (Cortex M4)

Ok, Finally I have completed the coding portion for Microcontroller, for my project. I am going to Explain everything in Detail in this Post.

So, Let me first Introduce about the Microcontroller, I have used for this Project. 432 more words

Smart Home

Line follower robot using 8051 microcontroller

Line follower robot using 8051

Line follower robots were one of the earliest automatic guided robots. They are able to follow a line marked on a contrasting background, usually a black line on a white surface or a white line on a black surface.   1,223 more words


Slowly Building a Distance Sensitive Motor Bot

This morning I had some problems with my code for the ultra-sound module. Even just getting the LED to light up at a certain distance proved difficult. 531 more words


Scope Noob: Microcontroller Quirks with DDS

In this installment of Scope Noob I’m working with Direct Digital Synthesis using a microcontroller. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the quirks which I discovered during this process. 1,355 more words



In a plant requires a control to detect how altitude and how the volume of a materials that is in a certain area.

For example in a tube filled with fluid material, wherein the liquid used in a particular process so that the fluid can not be empty, so that the process can continue. 250 more words


OWOWOD – One Wire / One Way Output for Debugging the Tinusaur (Part 2)

In my previous post “OWOWOD – One Wire / One Way Output for Debugging the Tinusaur (Part 1)” I wrote how to get a proper reference signal from a serial communication using USB-to-Serial TTL converter. 440 more words


Define: Microcontroller with Wireless Subsystem

Perhaps technical lexicography is a new niche for this author.  There is certainly a need to bring structure to the chaos that is Silicon Valley nomenclature; it is far less clear if this niche can be monetized or is purely a charitable contribution. 1,133 more words