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The Astounding (Undesigned!) Inner World of the Living Cell

The Astounding (Undesigned!) Inner World of the Living Cell.

From the above linked post, I realize now more than ever that every living thing is assembled from infinitesimal worlds of living, functioning and “intelligent” components; and that, we ourselves are of the same minuscule proportion by comparison to that which dwarves our world… and all of these “worlds,” whether microcosm or macrocosm to our own, are supremely ordered and all of them interconnected. 8 more words

Natural Theology

Microcosm by Gary Glauber

Inexplicably, a giant hole opens up in Siberia.
Everyone in the world feels somehow responsible.
Ice caps are shrinking; oceans are rising.

Global warming is not debatable. 303 more words



Everything that is outside in space is also within us. Today man does not yet recognise the complete harmony which exists between the mysterious forces at work in himself, and the forces active outside in the macrocosm; indeed he probably regards that as a fantastic daydream. 12 more words


After The Deluge

I went for a walk
We have many words for rain
Today is wet sky

3 Poems

Ponderous tides on the outswing

Owing to the white light from the sky

Fishes know what’s under the sea

And you, you speak in riddles… 51 more words



THE universe consists of a Mahābrahmāṇḍa, or grand Cosmos, and of numerous Bṛhatbrahmāṇḍa, or macrocosms evolved from it. As is said by the Nirvāṇa- Tantra, all which is in the first is in the second. 384 more words

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