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Photo Essay - Microcosms

This contest is downright buggy! If you don’t like bugs, then don’t peek! You’ve been warned. To check out all 32 images in this collection visit the… 82 more words


Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

When I find my perfect center like Vitruvian Man

I will make a perfect circle like a ceiling fan

Then I’ll sing Amazing Grace… 200 more words


Tree of Life (2011)

Heady films are a risk in the filmmaking world we live in. Not since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey has a film brought as much dramatic depth accompanied by striking imagery. 367 more words

Film In 2011


Definition: a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger

Sentence: With narrow, cobblestone streets and authentic cuisine, Little Italy is a microcosm of Italian culture. 

Excerpt from "CHAOS THEORY: INTERFACE WITH JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY The Order/Chaos Relationship in Complex Systems" by Gerald Schueler

Complexity – “a chaos of behaviors in which the components of the system never quite lock into place, yet never quite dissolve into turbulence either” (Waldrop, 1992, p.

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The Human Metaphor

I’ve spent some 30,000+ hours in direct physical contact with human beings over the last 23 years in my practice of massage therapy, and in that time, I’ve noticed some things that seem worth mentioning. 889 more words

The Mythic Vision

Microcosmic Fluidity

The weight of the tiny droplet of water built up slowly, fed by a steady trickle of rainwater from the branches above, until finally it was too much for the fragile leaf to bear.   149 more words