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Say 'Aye' to the Sun...

In yoga we learn to honour the elements within our bodies that nurture and sustain us, but also to honour those of the Universe, the macrocosm which supports our very existence. 129 more words

i is for ism

There were years gone by questioning nothing. Not even all the dirty ugly predicated isms in plain sight.

Kids who grow up in any kinda consistent environment, no matter the level of dysfunction, ascribe their acceptance upon it. 104 more words



A cat only brings home

one-fifth of its kills.

I read that online;

Do they eat the rest?

Leave little gray mice

cold, and barren on… 16 more words


Egg Pan

A single-serve egg pan.

Smaller than a steak pan,

Smaller than a wok,

Smaller than a crepe maker.

One quick-cracked shell along the edge.

A yellow sac and juice sizzle in oil. 59 more words


unless the Lord builds the house...

I am not one of those “close your eyes, open the Bible, put a finger on a verse, and see what God is telling me to do” people. 423 more words

The Life-Charged Life

Because it's there...

I stepped out the front door at 6:15 a.m. on the dot, bolstered by uber-strong coffee in my ever-present go-cup as per usual. Oh yeah, plus one bag. 223 more words