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Why Are Your Boots Off?

Boots by the door.
Because God forbid I get
a smudge of dirt on the carpet,
that I mark your home, and your life.
You said you loved me at my worst. 180 more words



I shed these boots with my pretenses. Kick them into the corner behind the bedroom door. Peel back all my layers. I stand here, exposed, laid bare, in my stocking feet and wait for you to say, “I thought you were taller.”



It started with the inquisitive black one chasing my canoe. I thought it was a water-dragon until it stood, cobra-like, above the water.

I swear, my heart temporarily stopped. 66 more words


Status of Mind

Silence. This is how the world started and how it will end. How truth accumulates and where it is revelled in.


Where emotions are loud but words are ignored. 338 more words

Microfiction Monday - 26th Edition

Special thanks to Jessica Standifird for her editorial assistance. This week’s artwork is by Kate Salvi.

Leaving on a Ghost Train
by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri… 537 more words


Wasting time?

Dim as it was, the light was too bright for her to ignore the fact that it was morning already. One foot and then the other found its way to the floor, but a crown of concrete forced all her strength to lift her head from the pillow. 717 more words