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We Rode in Circles

I left my childhood on a carousel.  I always chose the blue horse with folded wings because it was a cut above the rest; it had a touch more magic, I thought.  324 more words


Real Estate Blues

It showed up on my porch at the most inopportune time. I had just finished showing the house to an interested young hip urban couple when it came steaming and whistling down the path. 392 more words



So, here’s my first attempt at a one sentence story.


I will read anything, even the comments on a fat-shaming article on Yahoo.

Cream- My second one-sentence story

Maureen likes her coffee black but adds cream until she can’t see her reflection.

Body Diversity

The Grim Reaper is on Trial for Insurance Fraud

“I’m afraid things don’t look good,” I said, laying out the paperwork on the glass of the low table. Death sat across from me, stolid, leaned back in the leather chair. 687 more words


New Flash Fiction at 50-Word Stories

My very short story “Finding Her Friend” is now live at 50-Word Stories. Stop by to read about unrequited love in the digital age. Find the story… 25 more words


Micro-size Me; or, TMI

Maybe I’ll try my hand at micro fiction.  I believe in brevity and economy of words.  And I’m terrified at the thought of writing 1667 words per day. 118 more words