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A Critical Mistake to Avoid When Writing Short Fiction

Don’t treat short fiction as a novel.

Whatever you do – DON’T treat short fiction as a novel.

What I mean is this: when you are writing short fiction, it takes a different approach than if you’re working on a novel. 204 more words

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A review of 100 Nightmares by The Horror Fiction Review

OMG I woke up this morning to some really cool news! First, a story acceptance for a horror anthology and some really kind words from the editor. 66 more words


Mind Map: another short story draft

Her peak was always at night; the fire popped and crackled in the ashy, black, fire place. Most nights she sat there staring through the flame, into (what seemed like) a new world. 702 more words

An Unpayable Debt

Quint clutched the covers tighter around him, refusing to get out of bed. He wasn’t done moping yet. He heard a sigh at the other end of the locked door and resolutely ignored it. 1,824 more words


Questioning Faith

Fingers on wrist.

Delicate pulse—butterfly wings in your veins.

Sleeping, you called my name; now here I am.

“What do you need, Mom?”

Fluttering stops, silent veins. 16 more words


Old Hat


The brown wool hat had been knitted with love and care. Through hours of time and precision he was marked superior to all the other hats that hung, unused on the coat rack. 307 more words


Microfiction Monday - Fourteenth Edition

Special thanks to Jessica Standifird for her editorial assistance. This week’s artwork is by Pat Bouchie.

by Sylvia Petter

Kone sits in his top-floor office, sipping a double Bourbon. 521 more words