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Machine of loving grace

Born without hands, or the ability to speak, he was thought unable to understand because they could not understand him. He worked and studied and created ways for the world to hear him, and when he met her, he knew the machines of his invention would tear her rice paper skin. 46 more words


Cheesesteaks in Prison- A Sunday Microfiction

Microfiction is embellished prose often 250 words or less. I stress these to be fictional with a bit of truth to guide them.

In Prison… 126 more words

#FridayPhrases (#23)

FridayPhrases once more. :D Check out the link for more info. It’s a Tiwtter based writing event, and a lot of fun.

This week’s theme: In a heartbeat. 100 more words


Great Thoughts

We were talking about great thoughts.

“Einstein,” I said. “He had some, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, good one,” said Billy. “What were they?”

“Well, you know, physics and that. 124 more words

Saturday Hooptedoodle

Microfiction: The Other White Meat


The story contained below is¬†the darkest, most morbid thing I have ever written. If you’re at all squeamish, or easily disturbed, do not read this story. 263 more words


Rub a Dub Dub

It turns out that candles are very attractive to skunks.

When Bob the butcher and Mort the baker asked me to join them I was a bit skeptical. 165 more words


Flash! Friday: Vol 3 - 8

HELLOOOOOOO! A pleasure to see your sparkly¬†faces back here at the lair; it’s just not the same without you. And in case you thought the Year Three updates were done…. 587 more words

Flash Fiction