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She arranges yellow roses in the vase, thinking of how a friend gave her similar for her birthday some twenty-three years ago. She’d been recently divorced. 75 more words

Creative Writing


Unzippering the main street, the motorbikes with modified mufflers throb into town and congregate at the local waterhole. Outnumbered by black leathers stretched over bellies, locals retreat to corners and shadows to contemplate custom and sip beers. 65 more words

Creative Writing


Most residents develop an unhealthy intolerance to the town’s dusty speed limit. By day dogs roam town limits until they stagger through the door, having come within inches of catching ‘wheels disease’. 169 more words

Creative Writing

Creation (Draft #2)

The room is cold, but the girl does not feel it. She molds a blob of clay into a hand identical to her hand. She looks at her face in the mirror that makes up the entire wall. 841 more words


Duck Demons

Sleep is a marvelous thing. When you sleep you can drift away, escaping the cares of the day. You can dream of fantastic things, recharging your body, mind, and spirit. 526 more words


The Nail Clippers

The nail clippers were born from an unlikely pair.  His mother was a silver earring and his father was a stapler. The stapler was a bulky mass of danger just waiting to spit metal at the first person who denied him while his mother was a delicate sliver of silver sculpture that hung gracefully off a rich earlobe. 272 more words


Microfiction Monday: Obey


“Get up! All of you!” he shouts.

I wake up on the ground in the sun, face pressed into the dirt. Opening my eyes I see carnage scattered all around—animals mostly. 55 more words