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"The Progression of Time" - Guest Story via Chris Rose

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all gearing up for a phenomenal weekend.

A while ago, I was asked by fellow writer, Chris Rose, if I would write a flash fiction piece for his site. 97 more words


Six Words on Spring Renewal

Boing, boing. No, that’s not the sound of my last wit snapping.

Here in the States, it is Spring, and for the religious, a series of holidays/holydays are occurring. 120 more words


Golden Treasure

Cecily avidly watches the man boarding the train. He is tall, dark, handsome, cosmopolitan, and obviously wealthy, wearing an expensive three-piece suit with a gold Rolex at his wrist. 155 more words


The Smart Phone

He pauses. His tongue is slightly out of his mouth while he taps against me for the millionth time. I wonder when he will talk again and connect with me on a different level, but it never seems to happen. 98 more words


So he barks at us

Contingency (vs. Necessity)

By Lydia Davis

He could be our dog.
But he is not our dog.
So he barks at us. 155 more words

Quotes And Poems

Pounce Control

“That’s a bounce.” Derrin said dejectedly. “It has to pounce.”

Melvin stroked his goatee. “That was a pounce. Watch the video again.”

Derrin obliged. The ball struck the gray cement wall before landing on the floor then sprang upwards. 256 more words


Story #1

Easily inebriated, he fell into her.