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Slowly, the sun peeked over the horizon, scarlet and bulbous, and the warm amber glow of twilight gave way to morning. It was going to be another beautiful day. 202 more words


Flash! Friday Vol 3 - 2

Here we are at the second week of Year Three! And I don’t know about you, but after the feverish intensity of Flashversary, I’m feeling like we could use something light and fun. 438 more words

Flash Fiction

Over The Top

The bullets zipped overhead, snapping and hissing so close they could smell death on the air. The gray sky stifled life in its grip and nary a man desired to leave the trench. 9 more words

Yeah Write

Involuntary Dishonesty

He was a liar. An obsessive compulsive liar, because he could not help lying. He lied for no reason – making up stuff out of thin air and feeding them to people to around him, who gobbled up those lies without a doubt. 78 more words

Short Story

At Last!

I tried everything:

friends of friends, online dating and

meetup groups. No luck.

Then one day I took a walk in the desert, and there it was. 16 more words

Yeah Write

When In Doubt, Write Poetry By Erasing Words

Diving back into the classics for more blackout poetry.

You’ll find my first two attempts here (Moby Dick – Herman Melville) and here (Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad) 100 more words