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Copper Surfaces Could Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

27 JUL 2012

- Hospital-acquired infections kill around 100,000 people annually in the United States

- adds an additional 19 days of hospitalization and $43,000 in costs… 431 more words

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Toward new drugs for the human and non-human cells in people

” bodies contain 10 percent human cells and 90 percent microbes” 

12 JUL 2012

Amid the growing recognition that only a small fraction of the cells and genes in a typical human being are human, scientists are suggesting a revolutionary approach to developing new medicines and treatments to target both the human and non-human components of people. 236 more words

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Antiobiotic exposure early in life can lead to obesity in adulthood

Disruption of gut bacteria early in life can lead to obesity in adulthood

Certain microbes found in the gut may protect against obesity and diabetes. A study published by Cell Press August 14th in the journal Cell reveals that these microbes shape their hosts’ metabolism very early in life and that disrupting them with short-term exposure to antibiotics during infancy can cause metabolic changes that appear to increase the risk of obesity in adulthood. 445 more words


10 Microorganisms You Can Find in Drinking Water

Warning: This list is not for the faint of heart. There are invisible monsters living in your tap water, creatures that swim and multiply by the billions inside every drop of brisk, refreshing water you slurp down your gullet, tiny demons that…well, okay, they’re actually not all that bad. 1,855 more words

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Researchers: Cat Poop Could Help Fight Cancer

HANOVER, N.H. (CBS Connecticut) – The secret ingredient in some future cancer treatments may be…cat poop. More specifically, a microscopic organism that lives in feline feces. 316 more words

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