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You are your microbes: TedEd talk - Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin

This is fantastic! All Ted talks are amazing and informative, but this one comes with a very clever animation that makes understanding gut bacteria simple and easy! 94 more words


Microbes help children to breathe easily

Public release date: 23-Feb-2011

Bacteria and fungi offer protection against asthma

The incidence of asthma among children in Europe continues to rise. But not all children are equally at risk. 661 more words

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Research Update: Battling Infection With Microbes

03/12/2014 09:01:47

- “It’s interesting to see that these microbes are having an immune effect beyond where they live in the gut,”

- “For example, when patients are put on antibiotics for something like hip surgery, are you damaging their gut microbe population and making them more susceptible to an infection that had nothing to do with their hip surgery?” 737 more words

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Be kind to your gut microbiota

We have written about it before, but to be honest you might not want to know the details of what is inside your gut. I can tell you, though, that it is very important for your well being. 804 more words


Are depressed people too clean?

Public release date: 7-Dec-2010

- According to the authors, the modern world has become so clean, we are deprived of the bacteria our immune systems came to rely on over long ages to keep inflammation at bay… 293 more words

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Antibiotics have long-term impacts on gut flora - 7 days of use = up to 2 years of damage

Public release date: 1-Nov-2010

-  high levels of resistance genes can be detected in gut microbes after just 7 days of antibiotic treatment and that these genes remain present for up to two years even if the individual has taken no further antibiotics. 370 more words


Vitamin water: Measuring essential nutrients in the ocean

- Once believed to be manufactured only by marine bacteria, the new results show that a whole different class of organism, archaea, can supply this essential vitamin. 883 more words

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