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I was first introduced to these microorganisms here: http://www.impactlab.net/2014/07/18/electric-life-forms-that-live-on-pure-energy-are-unlike-any-other-life-on-earth/. Not being sure whether this was speculative or entirely fictional, I Googled them.

I also found older articles published here: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2009-12/uosc-nbb121509.php,  and here: http://www.pnnl.gov/science/highlights/highlight.asp?id=364. 157 more words


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Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 14 Issue 12

Aims & Scope

Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry is a forum for the review of areas of keen and topical interest to medicinal chemists and others in the allied disciplines. 1,222 more words

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Prebiotic and Probiotic Comparison: Which Should You Choose?

Probiotic comparison with prebiotic has generated a lot of interesting results and opinions. What has been obvious in most of these comparisons is that both offer advantages to human health. 449 more words


Vita aliena elettrica

…o batteri che si nutrano di energia pura…

A differenza di ogni altro essere vivente sulla Terra queste forme di vita si nutrano e respirano energia nella sua forma più pura: elettroni raccolti dalle rocce e dai metalli. 287 more words


Two Common Bacterial Infections of the Human Body

Ubiome is a medical service that individuals can use to explore the universe within their own bodies. By ordering a uBiome kit, activating the kit online, and sending back sample-tubes in prepaid packaging, a person can become better acquainted with the trillions of… 181 more words


"We are our bacteria"

We may think of ourselves as just human, but we’re really a mass of microorganisms housed in a human shell. Every person alive is host to about 100 trillion bacterial cells… 911 more words


Isolation, Identification and Analysis of Probiotic properties of Lactobacillus sp. in milk samples from cow and goat


Inside each of us is a vast ecosystem, as complex as the soil or the oceans, that helps digest food and contributes to health and well-being. 925 more words