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tears of reprisal

she feigned sorrow
despair, disbelief
biding her time, for
they say it is best
served cold…

Art by Hesther Van Doornum


your handful
of Notes
singing to me

Poetry And Verse

Le Sigh

A choir of sighs
reverberates in space
dampening my vibes



Some search for ghosts in
attics and between
but writers know
to raise the dead
you only have to
paint their words
your tone



Days In The Blackberries Field

the watch must be drunk
waking me without sunshine
snooze – and once again

For Carpe Diem Special #103, Jim Kacian’s “city morning”


Days In The Blackberries Field

where it disappeared?

*autumn sun
in folds of older clothes
where it disappeared?

Note: It’s our Bhadra month (5th of the sun-lunar calendar). Sun is much warm now. It’s been believed that during this time of the year if we keep our clothes (other time which were mostly locked in big boxes) under the sun for some time then those clothes will be in good condition and we can use them years after years.

Carpe Diem #544, Mask/Masque


five hundred thirty four

Chair’s had a hard time
since the house was abandoned.
No one sits there now.

Hays County, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey