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The most iconic mobile phone logo is gone forever ? #Nokia,here is your new Lumia branding,by @jimboireland.

Well we all heard the other day with what is happening with Nokia branded devices,something we all knew was going to happen and for many it was a sad day,But things have happened and business must continue but for as far as the name Nokia goes we will never see the NOKIA logo ever again,this for some will hurt and others it will be business as usual but only to see a different name printed or etched into the next line of handsets from Microsoft,the other day i wrote my feelings about it and you can read that over… 679 more words


Report: Microsoft Ready to pick new CEO?

According to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Board of Directors is ready to name a new CEO.  Word has it they are preparing to name Satya Nadella as the new Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. 83 more words


Tips for Hosting a Minecraft SMP

So in case you couldn’t tell, SMPs (Survival Multiplayer) are almost the most popular series of Minecraft on YouTube. Want to know why? Because they are enjoyable to watch. 289 more words

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Farewell to Nokia Lumia and a new start for Microsoft Lumia.My thoughts by @jimboireland #Nokia

Today we learned something we already knew what was coming a long time but it was slapped down for all to see,the final nail in the coffin and perhaps a reality check for some,like it or not we will no longer see the famous NOKIA badge on any devices,the name that once ruled the mobile industry has been taken away by good oul Microsoft not only that even Apps are now losing the NOKIA name and been replaced with good oul Microsoft. 1,213 more words


EA is aware of FIFA 15 Transfer Issue

If you’re purchased the new FIFA 15 for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, you might be experiencing some issues with its player market transfer feature, users have receiving an in-game message that the feature “ 126 more words


Microsoft Wearable Coming In Weeks | Time To Cross The Platform

Well look at this! Microsoft is planning to launch its own wearable fitness band. Forbes reports that the announcement is due “within the next few weeks,” and additional sources can confirm this is accurate. 226 more words


Simple Guide to Installing Microsoft Office 2013 via Group Policy (GPO)

Today I decided to update our Office from 2010 to 2013. Rather than going round lots of computers to install it though I decided to do a quick ‘Google’ to find a script and I came across this fab site so I thought I’d share it. 8 more words

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