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4 Keys to Building a Stellar Sales Team

In 2001, Cahners Research determined the average cost of a B2B personal sales call was $329, or about $440 in 2014. With the costs of managing a sales team continuing to rise, it is crucial to ensure time isn’t wasted on inefficient staff or practices. 393 more words

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OptionSetId cannot be changed. EnumAttributeInfo.AttributeDescription.OptionSetId(089e077e-6055-446a-ad6e-326f0bee7c9c) != c0864f8b-2c13-e411-93ed-000d3a800961

We got this error while importing the solution. This issue is caused by having an optionset with same name but different guid.

The solution is to identify the field and delete it from the org where we are importing. 27 more words

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History Of Cleartwo

Years ago two individuals had been working on the IT sector and had started to notice the same ongoing and unsettling trend. The trend was that companies had their IT looked after by several companies, which wasn’t really needed. 313 more words

{Zero code development}Clone CRM record with Dynamics CRM

Lets take example of Clone Contact.

First we need to create n:1 relationship on Contact record:

Then we need to configure mappings:

Now let us put this field on the form navigation and lookup on Contact form: 38 more words

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Invalid (Created-On) Date on Notes in CRM 2013

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share this information with all that MS has finally suggested a way to resolve the issue of Invalid Created-On date on Notes Section in CRM 2013. 217 more words

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{WorkAround} Trying to import solution error: “This process cannot be activated or deactivated by someone who is not the owner” in Dynamics CRM 2011/2013

We faced the issue during import of solution to new organisation containing 100+ processes. Microsoft suggests to assign all workflows to the user who is going to import the solution. 141 more words

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Save Your Wrist | Microsoft CRM 2011 Shortcuts

Save your wrist AND time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 shortcuts.

1. General Shortcuts 148 more words

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