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Capstone Project: Week 1

When I found out I would be responsible for undertaking a capstone research project going into the second year of my MSI, I was both excited and incredibly nervous. 648 more words

University Of Michigan

UChicago's "think tank" for the operating room uses technology to transform surgery

Alex Langerman, MD, calls the Operative Performance Research Institute (OPRI) at the University of Chicago Medicine “a think tank that studies the operating room.” He leads a team of physicians, medical students, residents, designers, and computer programmers who are developing ways to improve efficiency, teaching methods, and patient outcomes during surgery. 141 more words


Is Microsoft's Xbox One set to make new gains against PlayStation 4 at the expense of Kinect?

The next-generation Kinect sensor bar for Xbox One was supposed to be a game changer, a technology that would help differentiate Microsoft Corp.’s all-in-one entertainment machine by offering a futuristic interface for controlling media and new ways to play games. 924 more words

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Videojuegos Educativos con Microsoft Kinect para Windows

Hace ya algún tiempo, mi equipo de trabajo y yo publicamos un articulo en el Congreso Internacional de Ingenierías Computacionales e Informáticas al inicio de un proyecto empleando Microsoft Kinect para videojuegos en Windows, en el mencionamos la combinación de tecnologías y conceptos que se utilizan cuando se desea desarrollar un producto con una fuerte base teórica. 166 more words


Fabrizio Basso racconta MediaHospital: la piattaforma tecnologica

Dopo che Massimo Memmola e Alessandra Tzannis ci hanno presentato MediaHospital sotto il profilo rispettivamente della storia  e dell’azienda, Fabrizio Basso, membro del CDA di MediaHospital e responsabile della sezione IT Research & Development, ci illustra la piattaforma tecnologica. 774 more words

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Let's Talk...Inverse Kinematics

So recently I hosted a new video of our Baxter robot:

Let’s look under the hood of how this worked. Off screen is a Microsoft Kinect (version 2) 509 more words


Kinect for windows - Working for Futute Technology

Set up your Kinect for Windows sensor

To make sure your Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor works well, follow these guidelines. (Note that some of these recommendations link to relevant Kinect for Xbox 360 information.) 224 more words

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