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Real-time translation of sign-language into audio

Springwise reports on the Hands Can Talk project in Saudi Arabia that uses the Microsoft Kinect and software to convert sign language into audio. The system is designed for conferences or gatherings and can handle multiple languages, including Arabic and English.

Source: Springwise

WEB SITE: Jintronix Receives FDA Clearance for Rehabilitation System

…Jintronix, a Seattle-based biomedical device company, has announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Jintronix rehabilitation system. 59 more words

Video Games/Exergames

PROJECT REPORT: Kinotherapy-Health Assistance at Your Doorstep - Full Text [DOC]


Microsoft Kinect is an input device proficient in motion sensing. It was traditionally used for gaming purposes in which users could interact with the console without physical touch. 427 more words

Tele/Home Rehabilitation

ARTICLE: Cloud-based rehabilitation exergames system

Nowadays, a great number of patients around the world require rehabilitation programs. Virtual and augmented reality has been introduced as promising assistive tools to support the patients, allowing them to continue their recovery training by themselves. 123 more words


Kinect Sound Control Pt 2

I’ve recently had some time to continue developing a system to take data from the Microsoft Kinect camera, to control sound using the human body.  Here I’ve created a number of ‘body instruments’ that use different modulation and trigger techniques for controlling and generating sound in real time. 49 more words


Capstone Project: Week 1

When I found out I would be responsible for undertaking a capstone research project going into the second year of my MSI, I was both excited and incredibly nervous. 648 more words

UChicago's "think tank" for the operating room uses technology to transform surgery

Alex Langerman, MD, calls the Operative Performance Research Institute (OPRI) at the University of Chicago Medicine “a think tank that studies the operating room.” He leads a team of physicians, medical students, residents, designers, and computer programmers who are developing ways to improve efficiency, teaching methods, and patient outcomes during surgery. 141 more words