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[Proceedings of the SBGames 2014] A thoroughly approach to upper limb rehabilitation using serious games for intensive group physical therapy or individual biofeedback training - Full Text PDF


Several studies have shown that game-based rehabilitation is a viable option to improve the treatment of patients with physical disabilities. Even though many games are built focusing on rehabilitation, the majority does not present a broad study about the right approach on the many types of existing conditions and also the physiological and medical implications of this games in the patient’s treatments. 102 more words


Microsoft Kinect y Google Glass utilizados en neurocirugía

Son utilizados en los campos más complejos, Microsoft Kinect y Google Glass utilizados en neurocirugía. Una nueva herramienta quirúrgica que combina la tecnología de última generación de Microsoft Kinect (tecnología de sensores) y Google Glass (tecnología portátil óptico) está configurado para transformar las operaciones de salvavidas muy complejas. 145 more words

[POSTER] Delivery of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy Through a Video Game for Individuals with Hemiparesis Post-Stroke

Purpose: Although effective treatments for motor disability have been developed for the 325,000 people each year who experience hemiparesis post-stroke, these individuals are underserved by the current rehabilitation system. 222 more words


[ARTICLE] MotionTalk: Personalized home rehabilitation system for assisting patients with impaired mobility - Full Text

…In this paper, we design and prototype a personalized home rehabilitation system, MotionTalk, for the real time quantitative assessment of mobility. Performance of rehabilitation is designed to be assessed using the changes in mobility, reflected in the exercises performed by patients at home with respect to the same exercises performed in the clinic. 68 more words

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Update: How to use Microsoft Kinect with OpenNI/OpenNI2

Although there are many blogs available on interfacing PC with Kinect, as per the knowledge of this post there are no substantial updates or new informative blogs after OpenNI.org has been shutdown, leading many budding developers to a confused state about where to find latest OpenNI/OpenN2I libraries, binaries, drivers etc and how to use them. 612 more words


Real-time translation of sign-language into audio

Springwise reports on the Hands Can Talk project in Saudi Arabia that uses the Microsoft Kinect and software to convert sign language into audio. The system is designed for conferences or gatherings and can handle multiple languages, including Arabic and English.

Source: Springwise

WEB SITE: Jintronix Receives FDA Clearance for Rehabilitation System

…Jintronix, a Seattle-based biomedical device company, has announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Jintronix rehabilitation system. 59 more words

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