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Lock column width but allow users to enter data in excel 2013

There might be situation where column width of an excel sheet should not be changed. In cases like while creating an template with particular column etc. 103 more words

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Guinea pig cats released pirated Microsoft products for profit must be prosecuted

According to police initial investigation, Juju cat band treasures site on released bundled with third party software piracy Windows,2011 year from only five companies had earned promotion expenses more than 13 million. 423 more words

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Microsoft released Excel App predictable Oscars

85th Academy Awards will be held on February 24 in Los Angeles, I believe many Chinese fans will pay attention to this event in front of the TV, but the rumors on behalf of the awards show 6 007 James Bond actor will debut on the same stage . 473 more words

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Microsoft's June 30 deadline is approaching Windows XP era came to an end

Microsoft marked the end of an era on June 30, in fact, is the end of two eras.
One is near the end of his full-time career, Bill Gates at Microsoft, and the other one is the end of Windows XP. 525 more words

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Microsoft begged hardware vendors importance Win7 driver compatibility issues

In the recently held WinHEC Developers Conference, Microsoft publicly request driver support for hardware companies not to evade the issue, from now on the launching of Windows 7 hardware compatibility testing. 525 more words

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Microsoft announces new product development plans

Biztech, it was reported, in the United States Dallas Technician-oriented workshop held Tech ยท Ed 2003, Microsoft Senior Vice President Paul Flessner announced the company’s product development plans. 565 more words

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