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How to reseed identity column using TSQL

If you need to reseed identity column, use DBCC CHECKIDENT command.

DBCC CHECKIDENT (table_name, RESEED, starting_value)

Thing to note here is that starting value should be one less than the next value you want to see in your identity column. 33 more words


Clear Server Names From List in SQL Server Management Studio

In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) a history of the server names you connect to are kept in the connection dialog’s server name field drop down list. 179 more words

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I SCHEMABOUND my scalar UDF and you won't believe what happened next.

Sorry for the click bait but I just couldn’t resist, and to be fair I was pretty impressed with this little trick.

The other week I did a post on… 594 more words

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What are trace flags?

Trace flags are one of those things that I’ve heard about more and more over the last five or six years. But only in the past year or so have I started to understand what they are and how to use them. 698 more words

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Scope and lifetime of temporary tables

Hi Folks,

Its bit easy to understand the scope and lifetime of Global temporary table (##), but Local temporary tables (#) create many misconception about its scope and lifetime. 352 more words

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T-SQL Tuesday #58: Passwords

It’s that time again. The second Tuesday of each month we have a blog party called T-SQL Tuesday. The host picks a subject and we all blog about it. 551 more words

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Pausing an MSSQL Instance

I’m sure most of you have looked at the control options of the SQL services right? Start an instance, stop an instance, pause an instance. Start, stop, pause. 459 more words

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