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Finding a job!

I’ve been told over the years that I’m pretty good at finding jobs. I mean in the last 25 years and 15 jobs or so (some contract positions) I’ve never been out of work for more than a month and a half at a time. 1,327 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL SERVER : Get a list of installed SQL Server instances

Sometimes you want to find that how many SQL server instances installed in my machine OR server.

There is very easy way to get all list of instances… 47 more words


The amazing never shrinking heap

This is a quick demo of a little “trick” with heaps I’ve known about for a couple of years. However until recently I could never duplicate it on purpose. 509 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

Reporting DBCC SHRINKFILE Progress in SQL Server

I’ve been doing some large scale data deletion from SQL Server after some of our SharePoint databases got blown out of all proportion due to a simple versioning misconfig. 420 more words

SQL Server

Two years!

Two years ago today I began my blog with a post about the DEFAULT keyword. I set out with the goal of building a blog I could be truly proud of in three years. 486 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

Generating a restore script

In order to speed up our backups on a large database our team decided to stripe the backup files. In case you weren’t aware of this particular backup feature it his means that a single backup is written to multiple files which can dramatically speed up your backups and restores. 415 more words

Microsoft SQL Server