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Who's on call

Every morning we have a daily meeting and my manager asks who’s on call. And every morning some form of the following pops into my head. 553 more words

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Kenneth Fisher reblogged this on SQL Studies and commented:

I really enjoyed writing this post last year and honestly still enjoy reading it myself. And since tomorrow is a holiday for a lot of people (I'm in America so I get to make that assumption) it seemed like a good time to bring it out again. Enjoy!

Putting sp_ at the beginning of your stored procedure.

Every now and again you see articles and posts about putting sp_ at the beginning of a stored procedure. So what does that do and why should we care? 299 more words

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You don't really need ORDER BY do you?

You see dozens of blog posts and articles about how the order of a result set is not guaranteed without an ORDER BY clause and here is my contribution to the subject. 414 more words

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Using T-SQL to populate a Central Management Server

We have been using a CMS (Central Management Server) at my office for the last few years. Even beyond the uses for managing multiple servers (PBM etc) we use it primarily as a shared list of registered servers. 625 more words

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Video: "Heaps and Trees", from the SQL Performance Tuning Series

This episode is titled “heaps and trees” and so it’s no coincidence that this video has been shot outdoors.

Today we are going to talk about the organizational structures of tables and indexes – and specifically how this relates to performance. 687 more words

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Adding a column to the primary key.

Every now and again you realize that the primary key for a table does not uniquely describe a row. Not really a big deal right? Just add an additional column in order to make it unique and move on. 430 more words

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SQL Server Integration Services - Foreach Loop Container

In my previous article I wrote about the For loop Container. In this article I will show how we can implement the Foreach loop container with a demo. 273 more words

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