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Constraint names, Say NO to the default

Have you ever seen a constraint with a name like PK__TableNam__EA185FBF8FF1529D? It’s kind of funny looking right? I mean it makes no difference in terms of how things run but it does make it a bit of a pain when you need to code with it. 564 more words

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Introduction TO SQL

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database computer language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS).

SQL is a standardized computer language that was originally developed by IBM for querying, altering and defining relational databases, using declarative statements. 529 more words


Except and Intersect

EXCEPT and INTERSECT are two uncommon commands. Not that they do anything odd but they aren’t exactly well known in any detail or used very often. 681 more words

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SSRS Multiple data sets in single table with Lookup()

Something common I see with SSRS reports is when users get all their data for a report table into a single data set. Although this solution can provide the correct results, performance becomes problematic when working with large amounts of data, queries involving complex joins or multiple data sources. 302 more words

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Pagination in SQL Server

It amazes me how much easier certain tasks have gotten in SQL Server. I was watching the Nov 2014 SQL Skills insiders video on OFFSET and FETCH by Jonathan Kehayias ( 379 more words

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Part2 Adding a New CheckBox - Create your own SQl tools with powershell and windows forms

This blog post is about adding a new CheckBox to the SQL Tool base form from my first blog post. In the first blog post I just gave an introduction on the SQL Tool, now this is where the fun starts getting creative by adding your own SQL queries and PowerShell scripts. 704 more words


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This is James' second post on creating SQL tools with PowerShell and Windows forms. James is a DBA responsible for the management of a large number of SQL Server instances.

TSQL Tuesday #62: Invitation to Healthy SQL - Why Page Verify?

I don’t think anyone’s ever been happy to get a support call at 11pm on a Saturday night. However this past Saturday that call did have a few things going for it. 981 more words

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