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Universal Microsoft Windows Store Apps


Create universal Windows apps across phones, tablets and PCs

Building universal Windows apps for all Windows devices

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1, it is now possible to use the Windows Runtime to build apps that can target each form factor in the family of Windows devices.

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Good to know!?: .NET - Accessing, Querying and Manipulating data with Entity Framework


I gathered some links and resources on data manipulation with the .NET Framework. Hope this helps and works as a reference card what is available: 1,428 more words


Building Apps for Windows

Extending platform commonality through universal Windows apps

Today during our BUILD conference in San Francisco we unveiled the latest Windows software for phones, tablets, and PCs. 1,222 more words

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Microsoft now lets developers write apps for PCs, tablets, and phones

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft today introduced “universal Windows apps” — a way for developers to construct applications for phones, tablets, and personal computers.

“Google and Apple, they have a different approach — they want you to create one app for phones and tablets and a different app for phones and laptop,” David Treadwell, corporate vice president in Microsoft’s operating systems group, said at the company’s Build conference here today. 201 more words


My First Program in C#

In this post i will explain how to write a C# program.

First of all to write a C# program we must have a software i.e… 638 more words


Text Adventures Part 2

It’s the holidays – time to screw GCSE revision and do some programming!

Text adventuring again. The first project was abandoned because I came back to it a week later and realised that I had no idea what I had written. 258 more words


Teaching Modern Development – The series – Part 2 of N

And we’re back for a second run already. Do you remember how last time we talked about classes (object blueprints) and namespaces (blueprint bags) and what they represent? 4,854 more words