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Using Ad Mediation in Windows Phone 8 app

Ad mediation is an algorithm that enables your app to use multiple SDKs. This means that with the mediation code in place, your app will make a call to one ad control, and if that ad control cannot serve an ad, the app will then call a second ad control, then a third, and so on. 1,229 more words

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Fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ammintrin.h'

This is a very common error that occurs while compiling .cpp files using the Microsoft Visual C++ compilers.

This error occurs in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 itself and any 3rd party softwares that use the Visual C++ compiler like MATLAB.  238 more words

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Installing MATLAB R2013a and above in Windows OS

This post describes the steps required for the successful installation of MATLAB R2013a and above into a PC with Windows OS. 520 more words

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Kinect - Configuring hardware with MATLAB in Windows OS

In the previous post I threw light on what the Kinect is. To go through that click here.

This post will focus on interfacing Microsoft Kinect with MATLAB R2013a and higher. 365 more words

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Kinect - a paramount leap towards 3-D imaging

Microsoft Kinect is a recent technological advancement in the field of Computer Vision that gives a machine the ability to see the world as the human eye perceives i.e. 766 more words

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My new friend, Atmel Studio, and how easy everything is when you can see clear

This article is in a series about making a shelf with lights controlled by an AVR.
Read about 
 - designing and building the book-case
 - … 928 more words

Hola. ¿Le puedo hacer una pregunta? (en C#)

Practicando algunos ejercicios me di con la grata sorpresa de que uno puede aprender varias cosas interesantes con este tipo de preguntas, en este caso sobre C# y sobre programación en general, traten de hacer cada uno de los ejercicios antes de ver la solución que se plantea: 438 more words

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