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Create a temporary drive map with PushD

Create a temporary drive map with PushD.   PushD allows a temporary drive map that can be used in a script to copy, delete or modify files or folders.   40 more words


Pebbles in My Shoe

Some people seem like pebbles in my shoe. I’m walking along and all is fine. Dang it all, but there is something in my shoe. I pull off the shoe and brush out the offending pebble. 495 more words


Windows shops want Docker-style containers, and Microsoft is on it

While developers drool over and start playing around with Docker, an open-source technology for packaging up code into convenient containers that can move from one server environment to another, some big companies could be sitting out of the conversation for the most part. 544 more words


Flushing your DNS

We all have had that one time when your computer refuses to go to a site, or you can’t connect to something or a network. This is a result of a bad IP address or some other DNS result being cached in your system. 232 more words


From POODLE to Snapchat: With security collapsing, can Silicon Valley save the Internet?

Even in an era where the latest hacks seem to come at a steady pace, the rush of security incidents in recent days has felt both relentless and extraordinary. 654 more words


Horror Review: Yahtzee Croshaw’s Chzo Mythos Part 2 – 7 Days a Skeptic

Following the success of 5 Days a Stranger, Yahtzee decided that, no! A one hit wonder just wouldn’t do! He had more horror tropes to nod to, more space to cover! 304 more words


How Russian Spies Hacked NATO, Ukraine

Russian hackers use ‘zero-day’ in cyber-spy campaign

For The Washington PostEllen Nakashima reports: A Russian hacking group probably working for the government has been exploiting a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to spy on NATO, the Ukrainian government, a U.S. 411 more words

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