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Microsoft's Azure platform will change the world

How many times have you tried to figure out what you are having for dinner only to become disgruntled and order a pizza? It happens to all of us from time to time, but that’s often because we run out of time to prepare for dinner or, frankly, we forget what’s in the fridge. 151 more words


Satya Nadella confirms merger of all versions of Microsoft Windows

Satya Nadella just confirmed that the company was going to merge all of its major versions of Windows into one huge Windows platform. Microsoft had been inching up to this for a while. 354 more words


DGen.exe pushes CPU Utilization to 100%

Since about a month or so ago, my CPU utilization would occasionally reach 100%. Checking the running processes, I would find that a program called DGen.exe would be taking up the CPU resources and pushing the CPU utilization to 100%. 176 more words


How to activate windows firewall

Browsing the web can be risky if you aren’t well protected from malicious intruders.

You might think that having an anti-virus program installed is safe and secure, but think about it, just have a good hard thought about this for a minute… 147 more words

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Corrupted files? Try this

Sometime files gets corrupted or for whatever reason come up missing.  like what happened, the other day when I was working on a friends computer.  An error occurred  for the task manager “The service cannot accept control messages at this time.” 299 more words

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Windows BSOD Errors

BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death errors have been a constant with Windows since, well Windows. In Vista, Microsoft tried to resolve the issue by providing a system where instead of crashing you would get a recovery error message but that too had it’s run ins with BSODs . 583 more words

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Connect to Office 365 with Powershell

Using Powershell to manage your Office 365 accounts, make life much easier. But connecting to it in the first place, has a few people scratching their heads. 188 more words