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This year's E3 is super important to Microsoft.

Look every e3 is important but there are some that set your tone for the rest of the year and those that turn your year around. 418 more words

微软将修复 WP8.1开发者预览版推送 80188309 错误

Windows Phone 8.1 开发者预览版推出近 1 周,大部分爱好者和开发者都已经在前几天完成了更新。


How to download the Windows 8/8.1 Pro ISO

Are you in need of the ISO for Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro? Sometimes you do need it for backup purposes. Here is how to get it. 123 more words


米国国税庁も「Windows XP」有料サポートを契約 [ #cbajp ]

「Windows XP」のサポートが期限切れとなってから数日が経過しているが、案の定、この旧式のオペレーティングシステム(OS)は依然として多くの組織で使われている。英国政府とオランダ政府は、マイクロソフトから有料の延長サポートを受けている(日本語版記事)が、米国の国税庁(IRS)もこれに加わることになった。



73 Year Old Artist and Microsoft Excel

When Tatsuo Horiuchi was approaching retirement age, he wanted to do something new with his free time. So he bought a computer, and in 2000 decided to try his hand at making digital art. 283 more words

(RG) Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview – First Impressions

In case you are wondering what’s RG then let me sort it out, it’s ‘Reader Generated‘ :).

Our blog has many fans & friends & … 922 more words