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PC: An Endangered Species

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know for sure that the market of PC is going through some tough times. So, how our good old PC is holding on under the new circumstances? 192 more words

The Day of Mystery: 9.9.14.

Here is the thing. Apple plays with our nerves with its tag line: Wish we could say more. What is that supposed to mean? We are very likely to witness which one of the following? 195 more words

Oops! Microsoft accidentally teases Windows 9 'coming soon' on social media

Microsoft’s internal censors seem to be sleeping on the job this year. In June, the Surface Pro 3 manual included several references to a small-screen Surface Mini despite the fact that a small-screen Surface Mini was… 283 more words


'Minecraft' hits Xbox One this Friday and an upgrade only costs $5

Let’s face facts for a minute: you’re probably still playing Minecraft on your Xbox 360 more than anything on the Xbox One that’s sitting under your flat-screen. 158 more words