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China's raid on Microsoft - payback for indictment of PLA hackers in US?

Like so many events in China, its regulators’ recent raid on the offices most likely has multiple motives. One is that China is using its firmer regulatory powers to get tough with Microsoft which has abused its market position elsewhere. 420 more words

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Xbox One News: Chance to Win 1 of 10 Xbox Ones with Evolve, 2K and OXM

2K UK have teamed up with OXM UK Magazine to run a series of special four limited edition covers to showcase the amazing ‘EVOLVE’ game from Turtlerock Studios. 128 more words


Microsoft can still compete in the battle for your living room

Media companies like Netflix have been forced to choose between competing for quality content and developing cutting-edge technology. In the case of Netflix, it chose not to create its own video streaming device and instead focused on original content; Microsoft could succeed in the battle for your living room by doing just the opposite. 475 more words

Microsoft Connecting People

Was it worth it? Was it really necessary? What was achieved and what was inevitably lost? Was this a win-win, or win-lose, or maybe even a lose-lose situation? 183 more words

Lumia For Hundred Bucks

Microsoft offers you a solid smartphone experience for 85 Euros, which is around $100, give it or take. Lumia 530 is here to take your orders. 201 more words

Sky's Now TV streaming app comes to the Xbox One

Well that didn’t take long. Less than a week after it rolled out the app to the PlayStation 4, Sky’s now brought Now TV to the Xbox One. 74 more words

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EA's New Netflix Service

EA has done many bad things in the past (code wars, anybody?), but this may be at least one redeeming factor on their truly dazzling spotted record.