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Injured Routine and Microwaves

So I injured my knee on the 18th and came home from California on the 23rd. So that means we are going into 13 days injured, 9 days at my house. 427 more words


Baked Vegetables in creamy sauce!

Hello dear readers,

Here is the recipe of my all time favorite dish. With its creamy texture and pleasant taste, the dish is able to fetch you compliments of both kids and grown ups. 134 more words

Tried And Tested!!!

Five Minute Chocolate Cake

There are times in your life when you need chocolate cake and you need it now! No faffing about in the kitchen for an hour and a half – five minutes is more what you had in mind. 295 more words


Vegan Banana Bread in a Mug

Alas my long standing love/hate relationship with sugar rages on. I have become much better at understanding my triggers and listening to my inner voice, which is an important step in breaking any bad habit so I guess I’m not quite as bad off as I used to be. 302 more words


Whole wheat vegan microwave cookies

I love the convenience of making cookie-in-a-mug type things because you can have a nice warm cookie after just microwaving it for a minute. I tweaked some recipes to make a slightly healthier version though, with whole wheat flour and I used cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips, although either would work. 122 more words


My friend the Rice magician

I’ve got a friend. She is the Divinity of cooking and making pastries to go to heaven for in a human body. I don’t think she is really human. 171 more words